Small & Intimate Wedding Receptions (& Sexy too ... yea I said it!)

With the New Year quickly approaching, many couples will become engaged during the holiday season.  So much goes through a couples mind in determining what sort of reception they will have and questions are raised as to will we have a large one, a small one, traditional or non-traditional.  Today your wedding reception does not need to be or have to be traditional and contemporary that equals boring (yawn!).  More and more I am meeting couples who want a small and intimate wedding and/or reception...usually it's the parents that want the huge traditional and contemporary wedding.  Having a small, intimate (and yes sexy too!) reception does not mean that it cannot or will not be elegant.


Recently I attended The Knot's Ultimate Night of Bridal Beauty at the W Chicago - City Center HotelWalking into this hotel reminded me of walking into my living room...very intimate, cozy and sexy.


An intimate wedding venue offers a warm and romantic setting for you to tie the knot in style. Share the love you have for each other with a small, intimate group of friends in a breathtaking location with that all important wow factor.  There are some venues (hotels in particular) who offer smaller rooms for smaller weddings and receptions but to me it still does not offer that same intimate and warm feeling that a smaller venue that is accommodating for smaller weddings and receptions offers.


An art gallery and/or even a warehouse are something else to consider for a small and intimate wedding.  What makes an art gallery unique are the personal art pieces that are on display or old funky, sexy furniture that the venue may use. 


A warehouse is unique also because you have the ability to do whatever you want to do in there...a blank canvas.  A couple of venues that stand out for me are Salvage One and Steelelife Gallery.


Salvage One's motto is, We Recycle. We Salvage.  I love this space.  It is so unique and what makes it so different is that it looks old and like a warehouse (who in their right mind would want to get married here) but it can be turned into mid-century modern with their furniture and lighting, if that is your style and you are looking to do something unique.


Steelelife Gallery is a small gallery that can accommodate up to 150 guests (cocktail reception) and can be transformed into an intimate and very sexy space.  Depending on what you, the couple want, the owner Bryant Johnson will make sure to make it happen for you and also add his personal flavor to it.  What makes his gallery unique from others is that he displays his own ART work and that in itself is eye catching.  There is a story behind each ART piece and his ART will definitely add a sexy flair to your event


I personally love intimate wedding venues because the few guests that you choose to invite really are your closest family and friends. Everyone invited will feel truly honored being part of a small wedding and this special day will be so much more memorable than the blur of larger weddings.  There are many venues that are available in Chicago to choose from for that small, intimate and even sexy wedding and reception.  I just wanted to share a few of those that are my favorite.  Next blog I want to share with you some photographers who dare not to be the traditional and contemporary wedding photographers and who dare to "take it there," but until then...


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Credits: Photos courtesy of W Chicago - City Center            

             Photos courtesy of Salvage One

             Photos courtesy of Steelelife Gallery



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