"Beautifully Trashed" -- Trash the Wedding Dress (your commitment is to your Husband...NOT YOUR DRESS!)

After spending hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars on your wedding dress, who in their right mind would actually want to trash their wedding dress?

When I first heard about this, I did not want to believe that someone would actually trash their wedding dress, but after doing research I found this is a current trend that many brides are doing after their wedding. 

Then I got to thinking what else might you do with your wedding dress after the wedding.  Most wedding dresses just sit in the closet for years and collect dust.

The "Trash the Dress" phenomenon started in 2000 when photographer John Michael Cooper of Las Vegas decided to shoot post-wedding bridal photos in unusual and messy locations.

Recently, I attended an event here in Chicago where Fine Art photographer Geraldine Rodriguez did a live "Beautifully Trashed" photo shoot. 


So what exactly is "Beautifully Trashed?"

Geraldine Rodriguez of Geraldine Rodriguez Photography decided to enter the trash the dress market after realizing there was a need for clients to express their love artistically.  Focusing on the beauty of the bride and not the dress, "Beautifully Trashed" was created to offer an artistic approach to trashing the dress.


Using concepts inspired by both newlywed and married couples, Geraldine Rodriguez Photography takes trashing the dress to another level by using something meaningful specifically to the couple to trash the dress. Some "Beautifully Trashed" sessions have included food, flowers, mud, wine, and spray paint.


Thumbnail image for dolce del vino2.jpg

"Dolce del Vino" (Sweeter than Wine) Tuscan inspired "Beautifully Trashed" session

Why do you call trash the dress "BEAUTIFULLY TRASHED" (adj.)?  How is this possible?

This is the term used by Geraldine Rodriguez Photography describing the result when working with the Geraldine Rodriguez team to help trash your wedding clothes. Your photographs will be symbolic, beautiful, artistic, and epic which in turn shows that you have been BEAUTIFULLY TRASHED.


What does "TRASH THE DRESS" (v.) mean to Geraldine Rodriguez?

It is the art of expressing your commitment to the love of your life by trashing the clothes you plan never to wear again (this is our definition).


What makes "BEAUTIFULLY TRASHED" different from other trash the dress sessions?

As an artist, fine art photographer Geraldine Rodriguez leads her creative team in trashing the dress and making it an epic story told through photographs. Inspired by our clients each "BEAUTIFULLY TRASHED" photograph and concept is artistically driven. We believe there is no point in trashing your dress if there is no real meaning behind the act.


"What I like most about "Beautifully Trashed" is photographing what makes the couple unique and how they express the love they have for each other. That is why we never use a concept twice. Every couple has their own story to tell and we are there to capture it. We also really trash the dress... no we really trash it."

--Geraldine Rodriguez


Trashing the wedding dress may actually be a good idea for three reasons: 1) you don't have to worry about it taking space in your closet; 2) you will definitely have special memories of the dress that will last a lifetime; and 3) Geraldine's philosophy is simple, your commitment is to your Husband...NOT YOUR DRESS!


For more information about "Beautifully Trashed," visit www.beautifullytrashed.com


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