Weddings 101

Weddings 101

Greetings bride and grooms to be! This is the voice of Weddings Yet to Come and I am here to tell you how to have a stress free wedding day. I can provide you with many little tips that can add up to huge changes to make both of you enjoy your day.  As a wedding photographer, I enjoy spending the entire day with my couple and giving the necessary guidance as the day progresses. From making sure the wedding dress is tight enough, showing how to cut a slice from the 6 tier wedding cake, to simply making sure that they are enjoying their day.  So when you start planning your wedding, remember this mantra,  "Your day, your fun!" and how you want run it is your business.  There is no wedding police or proper wedding protocol, just take control of your day and make new rules as you go along.

Besides the many months of planning and the feelings that your wallet is always open, there is something that lurks in the dark. It silently waits for you and your moment of indecision. It is "bad wedding advice." This evil comes in many forms that can take the place of a sister, a mother or the guy you met last week in the beer line at Navy Pier. They mean well, but certainly the outcome can be disastrous but the solution is simple. All suggestions and comments made to you about your wedding day should be taken lightly. The best way to conquer the "beast" is to politely say, "Thanks for the advice." It needs to go no further. Example: many times, a member of the bridal party comes up with a suggestion for a photo that I know the bride will not like. I always try to buffer the situation for my couple by saying, "Gee, that's a great idea for a photo, if it were 1974." Everyone laughs, the bride feels relieved and we can get on to taking more photos, from this century. Your day, your fun.

I will be posting advice from my own experiences but your comments will be happily received and will be answered based on urgency, i.e. should I invite my cousin who I haven't seen in 18 years (low priority) to Oh My Gosh, my maid of honor just spilled a Red Bull on my wedding dress! (high)

My number one wedding tip, hydrate.

Cheers for now.



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