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Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't it?

Never did like that song much, but the premise is hard to argue with. Got in and along the Fox River today. Lots of color, but I wouldn’t say it’s peak color. An awful lot of leaves missing and falling and floating down the river. Might have made the fishing tougher than it needed to... Read more »

This Could be Good

I normally don’t pay any attention to anything the Republican Party has to say or offer. I’m at the national average on income level and since turning 50 five years ago, I’m lucky to be struggling to make that. Nobody ever said that after 50 you’d become worthless to the job market. Considering these things,... Read more »

Fish the Fox, it's what I do.

And for the past 3 days I’ve been doing it fairly well. Clients continue to blow deadlines, which leaves me with nothing to do. That’s a good thing. This time of year I feel an almost desperate need to be outside. The short days and low angle of the sun triggers everything to start dying... Read more »

A Mini Marathon Fishing Trip

Not much in the mood for sitting here typing and thinking of words, so I’ll keep this less wordy than usual, a few pictures and be done with it. Got the week off because the client has so thoroughly screwed the schedule, may as well keep squeezing in some fishing. Tuesday afternoon seemed like a... Read more »

This Outing would be a Fishing Marathon

I have fishing outings that I refer to as Death Marches and others as Marathons. I actually make a distinction between the two even though when someone tags along, they can’t tell the difference. There are sections of the Fox River that are just tough to wade. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve wandered down... Read more »

Sometimes I Just Want to go Fishing

This past Friday I just wanted to go to work. But clients being what they are, generally speaking, dumb as a box of rocks, that didn’t happen. That’s okay, the deadline doesn’t pertain to you, we’ll just put everything on hold. Just- for- you. It was a strange day from a weather standpoint. Looking at... Read more »

I Tend not to Travel Very Much

And yet I feel like I travel all the time to go fishing or simply out wandering with my wife. I had to look it up on a map. It looks like 90 percent of the fishing and wandering I do all happens within 15 miles of my house. I’ve also covered very little of... Read more »

Do you go Fishing or Hunting in September

In an ideal world I would have the ability to pick the perfect day and time to go do either. In the real world, that don’t happen. In the real world five days of my week are eaten up trying to eke out a living. 12 or more hours on any given day are dedicated... Read more »

His Own Personal River Cleanup

Sunday was a stunningly beautiful part of the long Labor Day Weekend. I spent the last 4 hours of the day wandering down the Fox River attempting to catch fish. The catching of fish kept interfering with the river wandering, but I can’t seem to just go for a stroll down the river without a... Read more »

I Went Fishing, And Now I Am Going To Tell You About It

Actually, not up for too many words today. Besides, I’ve been told that nobody reads blogs on the weekend and that I shouldn’t bother wasting my time putting up posts. But I have time now. I’ve got out fishing on the Fox River 4 times in the last week. 2 of those at sunset and... Read more »