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Vermont and the last of Irene, for now, maybe.

Ken Hall, aka Quill Gordon of The View From Fish in a Barrel Pond, has put up what he says is his last post about the aftermath of Irene. For now, maybe. He has a lot of pictures to go through and a long winter ahead of him. I think a paragraph from his most... Read more »

Sometimes I Just Want to go Fishing

This past Friday I just wanted to go to work. But clients being what they are, generally speaking, dumb as a box of rocks, that didn’t happen. That’s okay, the deadline doesn’t pertain to you, we’ll just put everything on hold. Just- for- you. It was a strange day from a weather standpoint. Looking at... Read more »

It's Lunch Time my Friend 9.8.11

I didn’t have time to put one up last week and over the last couple of weeks people have been writing like crazy. This is going to be one of those times where you just go to the site, start at the top and work your way down. Sit back, relax, nibble on your lunch... Read more »

Do you go Fishing or Hunting in September

In an ideal world I would have the ability to pick the perfect day and time to go do either. In the real world, that don’t happen. In the real world five days of my week are eaten up trying to eke out a living. 12 or more hours on any given day are dedicated... Read more »

A Rare Morning of Fishing

There’s a good chance that on any given day at four in the morning, I’m awake. This started when I was a kid and around 5 decades later, I don’t give it much thought anymore. This used to be the time I would crawl out of bed and go fishing. Why lay there staring at... Read more »

Match the Hatch

My wife and I were out over the past weekend doing our usual walk around Silver Springs State Park. This one was just a leisurely stroll around the lake and ponds, cameras in hand and in search of nothing in particular. Most of the flowers around the lake are gone now. The few left seem... Read more »

The river had been looking good…

I was able to get out fishing on Friday and at 6:30 PM I found myself wading the Fox River in North Aurora. The last few hours of the day are my favorite time to be in the water. If I fished till dark, I would have over two hours of fishing under my belt.... Read more »

A Break from the Heat

I’ve always enjoyed the reprieve of a strong summer cold front blowing through. Within 24 hours a string of sweaty, sultry days becomes more reminiscent of early fall. The sky becomes crisp and clear and the heat haze disappears to sharpen the edges and colors of the trees. Sitting outside in the evening after the... Read more »