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I Went Fishing, And Now I Am Going To Tell You About It

Actually, not up for too many words today. Besides, I’ve been told that nobody reads blogs on the weekend and that I shouldn’t bother wasting my time putting up posts. But I have time now. I’ve got out fishing on the Fox River 4 times in the last week. 2 of those at sunset and... Read more »

Match the Hatch

My wife and I were out over the past weekend doing our usual walk around Silver Springs State Park. This one was just a leisurely stroll around the lake and ponds, cameras in hand and in search of nothing in particular. Most of the flowers around the lake are gone now. The few left seem... Read more »

Match the Hatch

If you say match the hatch to a trout angler, they’ll immediately go sit alongside a stream or lake to observe the bugs that are rising from the water. Then they’ll pay attention to which one of the bugs are being eaten by trout. Then they’ll catch a few of the things that are getting... Read more »