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Quickfire Outdoor Interview on Outdoor Blogger Network

Outdoor Blogger Network is a collection of well over 1,000 outdoor blogs that is still growing. It was conceived and put together by Rebecca Garlock and Joe Wolf as a centralized place on the web for people to find the best Outdoor related blogs. They also believe that a unified group of Bloggers has a... Read more »

The Backcountry Journal

Ben Smith has a great website called Arizona Wanderings – fishing, hunting and roaming the Southwest. In the right hand column on his site you’ll see Browse by Category and it’s worth checking out the variety of outdoor activities Ben writes about. In November of 2011, Ben decided to start another website called The Backcountry... Read more »

Fishing Reports for the Refined

Over the past 15 years I’ve got to know some of the best anglers that fish the rivers and streams, the lakes and ponds in the Greater Chicagoland Area. From Lake Michigan to out west beyond the Fox River Valley, from the Wisconsin border down to Kankakee. These are anglers that don’t fish tournaments, hawk... Read more »

Eat More Kale

Was out driving around this morning and heard an interview on WGN Radio with Bo Muller-Moore. In a nut shell, he’s an artist from Vermont that has run into a problem with a multi-million dollar comapany called Chick-fil-A. Rather than go into all the details here, best bet is to go to his site and... Read more »

Was a Perfect Day for a Squirrel Hunt

There was a sky blue sky. Virtually no wind. No leaves on the trees. The woods on the edges of my neighborhood, just a hundred feet or so away, were crawling with squirrels. I counted nine scampering about while hanging out front enjoying a slow smoke of a cheap cigar. But those are pets, we... Read more »

The Last of the Turkey, for now...

I have one last bag full of turkey parts, just the meat to be exact. Just the dark meat to narrow it down even more. No matter how it’s injected, marinated, kept moist while cooking, when all is said and done the white meat is pretty much tasteless. I tend to give that away. For... Read more »

WGN, Greg Jarrett and The Hometown Voices Tour coming to Yorkville

I already know that most people, after reading that headline, have a blank look on their face as they try to process where Yorkville is located. I get that look all the time when I tell people I live in Yorkville. I sigh. You know where Aurora is? Oh sure. Well, Yorkville is about 14... Read more »

Prelude to a Squirrel Hunt

I stopped going out fishing at sunrise a few years ago when I noticed it didn’t matter. Either the fish were there or they weren’t, no different than any other time of the day. Yet, for some reason, I still feel the need to be out at sunrise to go for a squirrel hunt. I... Read more »

A Hunting we will Go

If all goes as planned, I’ll be getting lost in the Marseilles SF&W area Saturday morning for the opening day of Upland Hunting. Last year I figured out where all the bunnies go to avoid all the coyotes. “Roast me! Hang me! Do whatever you please,” said Brer Rabbit. “Only please, Brer Fox, please don’t... Read more »

Like Clockwork, Goose Opening Day, October 15th

Everyday at 7:45 AM I drive the back roads through the Fox Valley to get to the main road to go to work. The corn and soybean fields have been slowly getting cut and every day more corn and soybeans are gone. Same stretch, the same time, every day, the geese are overhead and in... Read more »