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Living on the Edge of Civilization

A little after 5 o’clock and I’m leaving the office building hell that surrounds O’Hare airport for the 50 mile commute home. Luckily 98 percent of the drive is all highway driving. Unluckily there are still far too many people on earth that will never grasp the concept of highways. Why they insist on even... Read more »

Match the Hatch

My wife and I were out over the past weekend doing our usual walk around Silver Springs State Park. This one was just a leisurely stroll around the lake and ponds, cameras in hand and in search of nothing in particular. Most of the flowers around the lake are gone now. The few left seem... Read more »

Match the Hatch

If you say match the hatch to a trout angler, they’ll immediately go sit alongside a stream or lake to observe the bugs that are rising from the water. Then they’ll pay attention to which one of the bugs are being eaten by trout. Then they’ll catch a few of the things that are getting... Read more »

Hectic Schedules, Summer Doldrums and Fishing Ennui

I think I first noticed something was up in the first week of May when Quill Gordon ended a post without placing a fly on the water. Opening Day! It took a little while, but slowly things began to build. I have no doubt there are others that have been writing about this, but the... Read more »