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North Zone Waterfowl – Ducks Done but There's Still Geese

Wrote this on December 10th and never did anything with it… _______ Some waterfowl observations. For the first couple of weeks of the waterfowl season, it sounded like a war zone around Yorkville. Since then, things have died down considerably, hardly hear any shooting. There’s also not many geese hanging around down this way. They... Read more »

Like Clockwork, Goose Opening Day, October 15th

Everyday at 7:45 AM I drive the back roads through the Fox Valley to get to the main road to go to work. The corn and soybean fields have been slowly getting cut and every day more corn and soybeans are gone. Same stretch, the same time, every day, the geese are overhead and in... Read more »

Do you go Fishing or Hunting in September

In an ideal world I would have the ability to pick the perfect day and time to go do either. In the real world, that don’t happen. In the real world five days of my week are eaten up trying to eke out a living. 12 or more hours on any given day are dedicated... Read more »