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My 2013 Fishing Resolution

My 2013 Fishing Resolution
In 2012 I got out fishing roughly 75 times. That’s a very rough estimate and most likely on the low side, but for the sake of argument, I’ll say 75. I don’t keep records like I used to. When you live a two minute walk to a river and a ten minute drive will get... Read more »

The Fall Colors are Changing Fast

Down Yorkville way, much faster than I thought they would. Every day there’s more yellow, more orange, more red and considerably less green. If this coming weekend isn’t the peak of the fall colors, it will be close enough. Wait another week and you could miss it. My last two posts were all about different... Read more »

Things to do, Places to go

First off, this coming weekend, September 22nd and 23rd: Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days Our FREE family-fun event serves to educate our communites with the knowledge, safety skills, and experiences gained through the Outdoors. Sharing the experiences that make our sporting way of life a special privilege is quite possibly the most important thing... Read more »

It's not too late to get out and enjoy this weather

Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking or just taking a stroll. Perfect weekend for all of those. The fall colors are shaping up beautifully. Plenty of info on here, just start following the links. Then get out and enjoy. Start Here

I Went Fishing, And Now I Am Going To Tell You About It

Actually, not up for too many words today. Besides, I’ve been told that nobody reads blogs on the weekend and that I shouldn’t bother wasting my time putting up posts. But I have time now. I’ve got out fishing on the Fox River 4 times in the last week. 2 of those at sunset and... Read more »

Seems Like a Decent Evening to go Fishing

The assumption is that I will be off work at 5 PM. The next assumption is that people will learn to drive on highways by that time and not turn them into parking lots. I know that’s asking a lot. Tough concept them there highways, what being 55 mph and all. By 6:30 I can... Read more »

The Death of River Wading

Over the past few years the amount of anglers seen wading the Fox River has whittled down to almost nothing. For a two year stretch where I thought I was getting out quite a bit, I ran into no one. Things have improved a little. Last year I ran into a half dozen anglers. So... Read more »

A Few Days of Creek Fishing

You’ve probably noticed I never talk about the nuts and bolts of fishing. I guess that would be the hook and tackle (hooks and tackle?) of fishing. Whatever it’s called, I don’t do it. Twelve or so years ago I gave it a try, but noticed that I was constantly repeating myself. That happened in... Read more »

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

I have no choice but to go fishing as often as possible. I’ll do whatever I have to do to squeeze in a couple of hours on any given day. If you go through what I’ve written about for the past month, plus go to my original blog and do some reading, the reasons become... Read more »

Go, Get Out, Go Fishing

When I’m anxious and agitated I pace. What’s running around in my head is pretty much undefined and in the long term, irrelevant. Something is bugging me. If I can’t pace, I weave. Shifting my weight from one foot to the other. If I’m sitting, my leg bounces. First one, then the other. This is... Read more »