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Bald Eagles in Yorkville Again

Bald Eagles in Yorkville Again
In the 1960’s I had already assumed I would never see a bald eagle in the wild. I assumed that if I ever made it to my mid 50’s, they would either be extinct or you might be able to go visit a few in a bird sanctuary somewhere. Growing up in Chicago made those... Read more »

Golden Eagle flew over my house, December 11, 2011

That was the name of a post put on Facebook the other day by Larry Granat. Almost two years ago I was out cruising along the Fox River on a sunny, relatively warm January day with my daughter Leah. We were out looking for places to explore. On a long dead end road that follows... Read more »

A Rare Morning of Fishing

There’s a good chance that on any given day at four in the morning, I’m awake. This started when I was a kid and around 5 decades later, I don’t give it much thought anymore. This used to be the time I would crawl out of bed and go fishing. Why lay there staring at... Read more »

Good Morning

You know it’s going to be a hot one when the cicadas are buzzing in the tops of the trees and it’s not even 8 A.M. A couple of sunflowers have bloomed early and the finches are already taking advantage of the situation. The finches will perch on the flower from behind and make themselves... Read more »