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It Smells.....Wonderful

Unless you’re standing talking to him, standing directly in front of him while he talks, you’ll never really know how wonderful this thing Bob Long, Jr. speaks of, smells. His voice will swoon slightly. His head will tilt a bit to the right. His hands will float up slightly as if filled with helium. And... Read more »

Chicago Fall Colors, at least a little bit

It’s real easy for me to pick on all things Chicago. I grew up there and never lived outside of the city limits till I moved out of the city at age 35. I was a city punk, city rat, city brat, whatever you want to call it. For my first 11 years we weren’t... Read more »

If you haven't been reading and viewing Bob Long, Jr., you should be

I’m in lazy mode. Going around reading and looking at things. My friend Bob is one of the ones where I spend a fair amount of time. You gotcher pictures, ya got some of dem dere words and you gots music. What else is there except touch? So go look. Start at the top and... Read more »