View from the Porch – Sandhill Cranes and Drunks

View from the Porch – Sandhill Cranes and Drunks

Don't even try talking to me before I've sucked down a couple of cups of coffee. Coffee must be sucked down while I'm out on the front porch, with a cheap cigar.

The change to cold weather this morning had its effect on the song birds. Only two bothered to sing and they didn't sound all that excited about it. All was quiet in the trees around the house. Eventually even the two gave up. Big difference from the last two mornings.

The geese on the river were talking up a storm, but they didn't seem to show much interest in taking flight and none were seen flying around.

Overhead came the shrill cry of sandhill cranes. That's the second time this week a large flock of them flew overhead in an effort to head north. It's like watching drunks on parade. An attempt is made to form a "V" as they fly and they're quiet as they do that. Then the pattern disintegrates as they all start heading in random directions and their shrill cry is heard.

I imagine a bunch of drunks suddenly losing their concentration on a march and stumbling, falling and laughing as they try to gain some semblance of organization. Eventually a "V" is formed again and all is quiet as they make another attempt to head north.

Three bald eagles moved in and drifted over the tree in front of my house, then swooped in low on the trees across the street. They seemed to be in search of something and I imagine that's why no squirrels bothered to show their faces.

An hour later, back on the porch and the squirrels came running when they saw me. Time for their morning peanuts. I have my favorite.

I can tell by the white tuft of fur on his leg, like a scar, that this is the one that took a beating last year when a storm did a good job of destroying the trees in the neighborhood. He's now in charge. Squirrels can be mean little bastards and like to threaten and chase each other when food is involved. They all leave this guy alone. It's like Moses parting the Red Sea. They all part and give him first dibs at the peanuts and no one dares to challenge him.

He wanders up to me, puts his front paws on my foot and looks up. Okay, where the hell are my peanuts.

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