View from the Porch – Harbingers of Spring

View from the Porch – Harbingers of Spring

Don't even try talking to me before I've sucked down a couple of cups of coffee. Coffee must be sucked down while I'm out on the front porch, with a cheap cigar.

As the sky lightened, a couple of song birds could be heard in the trees in the neighborhood. Their songs didn't last long, they quickly realized that no response was forthcoming. Give it another month, you'll get a response.

As the sky continued to brighten, the goose hum down on the river grew louder.

Last night for the last hour of light I stood along the rivers edge. When I got there, for as far as I could see upstream, massive "V" formations of geese were over the river valley. The bulk of these swung north and east toward Oswego and Montgomery. There were well over a thousand of them heading in that direction.

After a brief lull, the geese began congregating over my head. They would appear as a very organized flock then break off, honking and flying every direction as they jockeyed for landing positions on the river. Again they were showing up by the hundreds. The sound of this many geese while standing so close to them is deafening. My wife called while I was out there… "My god, where the hell are you?" I had to shout into the phone to be heard.

This morning the geese would leave now and then, but in small groups of five or so. The massive migration of them back to the surrounding corn and soybean fields wouldn't happen till later in the morning.

Two doors down my new neighbors worthless dogs are out in the yard barking incessantly, like they always do. At this point it's 7:30 AM, on a Sunday. My comment about this on Facebook started a little conversation:

Dear new neighbor two doors down from me,

It's 7:30 AM on a Sunday and your worthless dogs are in your backyard barking incessantly. Please make them stop or I will.

Signed, your sharp shooting neighbor with a clear shot from my back yard to yours.

Truth be told...its not the dogs fault, take aim on the owner.

Yeah, I know. But I never see them outside. It's just a very accurate air rifle. I can hit a thigh from here and it will only sting.

Probably not a good idea...

Let the police handle it.

Tranquilizer and peanut butter...

Oh I know, I know, but a man can dream, can't he? She's an owner and the rumor is she wants nothing to do with us lowly renters in the neighborhood. I hate bugging the police for such stupid things. She's the third owner of this house since I started RENTING on this street seven years ago. Maybe she won't last. One can always hope.

On the dog or the owner?


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