Illinois Gun Control Legislation in Progress

When I woke up this morning the last thing I really felt like thinking about was gun control. Being a gun owner, I had been dwelling on it enough ever since Sandy Hook.

But because of recent developments in Springfield in trying to get gun control legislation passed (HB 815 and HB1263 if you care to look them up) it was like being slapped awake this morning.

Doom and gloom, our guns are being taken away from us. Soon marauding hordes will be kicking down our doors to rob us and rape us and kill us.

In my 56 years I have never even considered any of that as a possibility, but that's all I could find this morning on the local outdoor sites I visit.

What is being missed in all this doom and gloom noise are the voices of reasonable and responsible hunters.

I like to think I am one of those.

I read through the legislation, not being a lawyer, it's grueling, and there is not a single thing in it that would have any affect on my ability to hunt in Illinois. The legislation has no effect on any gun I own. I have no interest in hand guns, so bans on those don't bother me at all.

The only thing I have an issue with is the insistence of magazines that hold no more than 10 rounds.

Ten is too much, I'd rather see a five round limit. If I'm out target shooting, no skin off my butt to stop and reload a magazine after five shots.

My friend Mark Kasick found a couple of articles that he linked to on Facebook. These voices of reason are worth reading.

A Conservative Case for an Assault Weapons Ban

An Open Letter to Fellow Gun Owners

I am all for expanding gun control like Illinois is proposing to the federal level, even stricter. As I said, it will have no affect on my ability to go out hunting.

The only thing that will keep gun control from happening is that the ones that should care will get distracted or give up. You can't do that. You'll have nobody but yourself to blame when another Sandy Hook or Aurora or some other tragedy happens.

The anti gun control crowd is organizing and contacting every one that needs to be contacted in order to defeat this gun control legislation.

If they succeed it will only be because everyone else sat on their hands and did nothing.


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  • Ken, you will have nobody but yourself to blame when the murders increase as law abiding citizens are disarmed and left unable to defend themselves. Make the law abiding citizen jump through hoops thanks to new "common-sense" laws, while the thug criminal continues breaking the law and obtains a gun easier than you can pull on your waders. If this legislation passes, you can bet I will be around on all the Outdoor websites laying the blame at your feet for every murder.

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    In reply to Chicago Intel:

    Ken, I think a 5 round magazine might be too much. How about just 1 bullet? Better yet, 1 rubber bullet. I don't hunt so it doesn't bother me if they ban your hunting weapon of death. Obviously, any gun legislation Illinois passes is not constutional so why are so many people willing to give up their rights? Whenever you read about countries such as Russia applauding Obama's decision to ban certai types of guns, you have to wonder. I believe the only ones with guns in Russia is the Mafia. Do you really believe the mafia in Chicago will adhere to new gun laws? Ken, Illinois simply want to disarm you. Today it'll be one kind of gun and a week from now it'll be your hunting gun and so on....

  • In reply to Dan Pind:

    It is extremely rare that I am at a loss for words. Did a search on Russia applauding Obama's decision to ban certain types guns...

    Whoa... no wonder people are crazy if this is the kind of shit they're reading. I was going to put up a few links here, but they simply don't deserve it, it's too creepy to even be considered funny.

    It just might change my mind about conceal carry. I have to protect myself from the over the top extreme right wing. These people are insane. I can sense danger on the streets, that's why I don't get harassed. I also don't have the word "target" glowing on my forehead. Ask any criminal, they can see it.

    These people are wound up tight like a rubber band, no wonder they snap and try to take those around them with them.

  • Your logic and those like you have never made sense to me. Grew up in Chicago and lived in, worked in and traveled all over the city all hours of the day. Never felt threatened. My parents and siblings all live in the city. We discussed this over the holidays. None of them own guns or want one due to safety concerns. Simply not an issue.

    I live where I live now, 50 miles from downtown Chicago because I fish, hunt and wander around out here. Don't feel threatened out here either. I am closer to what I enjoy doing and that's it. In my eyes, your argument is baseless.

  • Friend Gretchen Steele put this up on Facebook within the past hour. Spineless leadership rears it's head again.

    Democrats Pull Plug on Gun/Ammo Ban

    "Although the two proposals could emerge again when the legislature reconvenes next week, the lack of action shows the General Assembly remains divided on how to balance Second Amendment issues."

    Let's hope they don't put this off indefinitely.

  • I've had family members and family friends who are much more imposing then you that have been threatened, mugged at gun point, and unfortunately even murdered by criminals with guns in Chicago.

    Your anecdotal evidence is wothless, likely fraudulent, and dangerous to base legislation on. You claim to never have known the need to protect yourself because you have never felt threatened. That is the last person I want making the decisions, because you are the least qualified. The same is true for the scum politicians that are pushing this, yet likely travel with armed protection.

  • I don't care what you believe. I told you how things have been. Believe it, don't believe it. Makes no difference to me. You don't know me from Adam, don't know what I've done or where I've lived and traveled in the city, but all of it has been extensive. I have never felt threatened. I know many others that grew up and still live in the city that can say the same.

    The last thing I want is some paranoid freak that's probably afraid of his own shadow pushing his paranoia down the throats of others and arming everyone on the streets.

    Same argument, different perspective don't you think? I prefer mine.

  • Ken, I could not agree with you more. For this person to claim that you will be at fault for all the murders is like blaming the president for the debt, which we all know was carried over by the previous reign. To limit the number of rounds in a clip is great! If they get rid of all military grade weapons for sale to civilians. As a hunter and a gun owner, I do not believe that any of these types of weapons belong in the woods. I have said it over and over and I am sick of saying it, but what good can come with a hole that I can blast in a deer that I can put my fist through?

    Another thing is hunters using these weapons fire off more then what would be deemed necessary to take down a deer. Do they ever think about the other hunters in the woods? You can wear all the blaze orange you want in the woods, but when a bullet ricochets off a tree and keeps going then what? It is not like you can yell out FORE like you do when golfing and warn those out there to duck for cover.

    It is utter nonsense for such people to be screaming bloody murder when shit goes down like Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Century Movie Theater, Edmond OK, or the Binghamton shooting. All had semi automatic weapons of some sort (yes I know what was used, it is my research for a post of my own) and 2 of them had bullet proof vests. What is wrong with going out in the field, sitting in your tree stand with a 30-30? No, now we have people out there with a Bushmaster to blow their kill away and rendering the meat useless. What are you going to do after that? Apparently they just wanted the rack to mount on their den walls. REAL HUNTERS KILL TO EAT NOT FOR SPORT!

    I was born in Chicago, and will probably die here as well. I have never once felt that my life was threatened by some idiot with a gun in my entire life. I have walked these means streets of Chicago and never felt someone was going to pull a gun on me and kill me right then and there. What the problem is with all of these shootings is illegal gun sales, gun sales at gun shows without the proper back ground checks and then people stealing guns from a legit owner. I am willing to bet that any of these gang related shootings were done with a gun that was illegally purchased or stolen. The crazy nutbars that shoot up schools got their guns illegally.

    Prime example in my research on Virgina Tech. Cho Seung Hui 2 guns, Walther P22 semi automatic pistol (.22 cal) and a Glock 19 semi automatic pistol (9mm), Hallow-point rounds and 17-10 round mags that were used. Clinically he was diagnosed with selective mutism and major depression disorder. This guy should not have been able to legally buy guns but he did. He then went on a rampage and killed 32 people, wounded 17 and then finally killed himself. His medication history is unknown.

    In the Binghamton shooting Jiverly Antores Wong had 2 guns, Beretta 92FS Vertec Inoz semi automatic pistol (9mm) and a Beretta Px4 Storm semi automatic pistol (.45 cal) with laser sights and a 30 round mag. He also had a hunting knife and a bullet proof vest. His mental health at the time is unknown and he was not on meds. From reading the ramblings that have been shared, I would say he was a paranoid schizophrenic. He was always afraid of the cops, claimed they broke into his place and would watch him sleeping, said they controlled the TV. How was it this guy came upon these guns? He had a gun permit and purchased them. This man killed 13 people and injured 4 before killing himself.

    I could post more but then what is the point of blogging right? Where in the 2 that I have listed DOES NOT SCREAM ban semi automatic and full automatic weapons, all military grade weapons and anything that is over a 10 round mag. Hell, give everyone a single round shot gun, a 6 round revolver and be done with it!

  • And I thought your blog was about food?

    I came to the hunting game late in life, 44 years old. I wanted to do everything the old fashioned way and have succeeded. Like you, I don't feel the need to wander around out there heavily armed. Nothing has ever happened and I'm just not that paranoid.

    Looking forward to your write up if this is how it's going to start.

    Now, how do we get like minded hunters to speak up. They are notorious for staying mute on this subject and I think that has to change.

  • @ Brandi. Please stop commenting without knowledge of what you are speaking about.
    Spreading false information only feeds the problem and the public's misconception of the truth.
    Here are a few issues I have with your tirade:
    1. The President, and anyone else who vote to continue to spend recklessly, IS responsible for debt. Of course he didn't start it, but one can either be part of the solution, or part of the problem.
    2 The scary black rifles you call "assault weapons" are LESS powerful than a 30-30 deer rifle. For someone who claims to be a hunter and gun owner you seem to have no idea what you are taking about. Most claim the .223/5.56 round is marginal at best for deer hunting, and could be considered inhumane to use for that reason. A Bushmaster will not put a fist sized hole, render meat useless, shoot down planes, blow up trains, or shoot through schools.
    Fully automatic weapons are so tightly controlled in this country, you can consider them already illegal. A modern sporting rifle is no different in function than a nice Browning semi-auto, only not as pretty. To try and ban a weapon based on the way it looks is ridiculous.
    3. I agree with you that stronger mental heath checks are needed and the illegal straw purchases are what feeds the gangs in Chicago. If you want to pass more laws, focus on those things and you might make a difference.
    4.Your own description of Virginia Tech shows that a killer has no problem reloading as his victims cower in fear. Whether he has 5 - 20 round magazines, 10 -10 round, or 20 - 5 round, what's the difference? You think if someone wants to fire 100 times, that a magazine limit will stop them? Check out a 6 shot revolver and a little practice can do.
    6. Evil exists. You are fortunate to have never felt threatened in the city, but many residents of Chicago are not as lucky as you. The gang-bangers already carry their guns wherever they want, don't obtain FOID cards, apply for CCW permits,.or undergo the background checks or training required.
    A criminal bent on firing 100 bullets at people with an intent to kill will get whatever he needs to do so. An armed CCW permit holder just might be able to stop them.

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