So, Where ya Been?

Back in February I put up a post here on ChicagoNow and then promptly let the powers that be know that I was done.

A week later I quit writing for a monthly Illinois outdoor magazine.

Around that time I told Dale Bowman, outdoor writer for the Chicago Sun Times, that I was done sending him fishing reports. Something I had been doing weekly for a dozen years. (That didn't last. No one consistently sent him anything about the Fox River and since I was out fishing anyway, I may as well keep sending him something. He's been good to me so it was the least I could do).

I then quit sending anything to an online magazine I got involved with.

Then, one day, Facebook unsubscribed me from 95% of the people that "Liked" me. I have no clue how or why that happened and tried to fix it, but failed. A week later, I fired up Facebook and instead of the 50 to 100 daily status updates, I had three. And they were from family.

I decided I liked it that way.

Then at the end of May, I decided to cut back on the amount of posts I was putting up on my own blog. Only put up 20 in the last three and a half months. Only three in July. In 15 years of putting things up on the internet, that was the least amount I've ever put up in a three month period.

And I liked it.

It then dawned on me that I was suffering from a severe case of Too Much Info Disease. I was trying to take in too much as well as contributing to the malady.

And then my Give a Shitter broke.

I slowly eliminated 95% of the blogs and writers I used to read.

And it felt good.

Now, I feel much better. I no longer feel the need to inundate myself with, well, everything.

And my Give a Shitter is slowly repairing itself.

So I decided to slowly start making a comeback here on ChicagoNow. I always liked it here.

I'm looking forward to starting over. A little rested, mind clearer, hopefully with something interesting to say and a new improved Give a Shitter.

Until I get rolling and consistently put something up, here's a picture of a big fish being held by one ugly fisherman...


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