Quickfire Outdoor Interview on Outdoor Blogger Network

Outdoor Blogger Network is a collection of well over 1,000 outdoor blogs that is still growing. It was conceived and put together by Rebecca Garlock and Joe Wolf as a centralized place on the web for people to find the best Outdoor related blogs. They also believe that a unified group of Bloggers has a much better chance of being taken seriously by the Outdoor industry as a viable part of the media.

In a little over a year, OBN has more than accomplished that goal and has become the premier source for high quality outdoor writers, photographers and artists.

Every week OBN picks a blogger or two and does a Quickfire Outdoor Interview. This week I was picked:

Quickfire Outdoor Interview: Waterdog Journal

Not a lot of insight, but enough. And you still don't get to see a recent picture of me.

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