The Backcountry Journal

Ben Smith has a great website called Arizona Wanderings – fishing, hunting and roaming the Southwest. In the right hand column on his site you'll see Browse by Category and it's worth checking out the variety of outdoor activities Ben writes about.

In November of 2011, Ben decided to start another website called The Backcountry Journal.

I want to call it an online magazine, but it doesn't have that e-magazine look that so many are adapting. This is more a collection of outdoor writers from all around the U.S., plus there is one writer that hails from Prague, The Czech Republic, so I guess it's a worldwide collection of writers.

I've been reading most of the writers on The Backcounty Journal for over a year now at each of their individual sites and am impressed by their work. So I was flattered and humbled when Ben asked me to be a part of his new project.

Every week he puts up a couple of new stories from the different writers in the group. This week was my turn when he put up something I wrote called How We Hunt.

Would be worth your while to linger a bit and go read the other writers. There's a few more new writers coming up in the next week or two, so it would be worth a return visit.

Hope you enjoy it all as much as I do.

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