Happy New Year, so now what

I decided a couple of months ago to no longer put my fishing and hunting reports here on my ChicagoNow blog. I don't think it's a good place for them. Those are all now back on my original Waterdog Journal blog. I think that's much better.

One of my other goals for my ChicagoNow blog is to promote what is going on all up and down the Fox River Valley.

Yes, there is a lot.

I have a feeling those closer to Chicago head out this way when they feel the need to get away from the crowds for awhile. I hope to start putting up those places to go when that need to get away arises.

I'm hoping a couple of friends take me up on the offer to guest blog here.

One runs a kayak shop in Aurora and he works hard to promote all things Aurora. Yes, there are lots of good things going on in Aurora.

The other lives further north along the Fox River and does a pretty good job of promoting activities all up and down the river.

Starting in Elgin, down to St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia and into Aurora, and even south of Aurora, we stay busy out this way.

From my standpoint, I like to get people out this way just to get away from the city. Lots of nice places to go for a stroll. Plenty of bike and walking paths if you want to do either. Places you can go, stick your nose up in the air and actually smell clean air. At least cleaner air.

And for those that feel compelled to give me a hard time about how this is called ChicagoNow and not ChicagoSuburbsNow...

It's also called the Chicago Tribune, but if it weren't for those living outside of the city, it would have folded a long time ago.

Get out and enjoy, there's life beyond the city.

And you just might like it out this way.

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