View from the Porch – Hummingbirds, turkeys, squirrels, fishing and asparagus.

I haven't seen the hummingbirds in a few days. The water level in their feeders looks like it hasn't moved either. I'll leave them up through the next coming warm spell in case there are a few stragglers out there, but I think that's it. Summer is definitely over.

The cut corn fields around me are being over run by geese. Big flocks are disappearing in the tall stubble. Now and then a head periscopes up, rotates and disappears again. Fattening up for the coming hunting season. They're returning to the river well after dark. Good indication to hunters on where to be at the end of the day.

The squirrels are everywhere. I pegged a couple of ears of corn to the trees in front of my house a few days ago and they've been ignored. My neighborhood is filled with massive oaks in the 100 to 200 year old range. They're filled with acorns.

Mixed in with the oaks are a number of old black walnut trees. The walnuts are everywhere.

I believe the squirrels have been rolling them out into the street to make life easier on themselves.

A couple of times a day about a dozen turkey wander around the neighborhood.

Just about everybody puts seed out for them. They tend to stick around till the first snow, then disappear till spring. The neighborhood rule is that any one caught messing with the turkeys will be run out of town on a rail, whatever that means, but it sounds painful.

The fishing on Saturday sucked, 'nuff said about that.

The wild asparagus this time of year is tall and willowy and all over the ditches around here and easy to spot. I travel a lot of back roads on a daily basis and the strips between the road and the fields of corn and soybeans are filled with it. I've been making mental maps of all their locations for spring of next year.

I'll make actual maps for anyone that asks, for a price.

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