Vermont and the last of Irene, for now, maybe.

Ken Hall, aka Quill Gordon of The View From Fish in a Barrel Pond, has put up what he says is his last post about the aftermath of Irene.

For now, maybe.

He has a lot of pictures to go through and a long winter ahead of him.

I think a paragraph from his most recent post sums things up the best:

Most critical needs have been met; most roads have been made passable, except for a few routes that might be repaired by December; most of those rendered homeless have been given more or less long-term options and most everyone is back at work, doing what they were doing before the flood. The pretty fall foliage did not put on quite the show everyone was hoping for, and the leaves are already dropping, but it’s still okay to come visit. Bring cash. Every counter in every store or restaurant has a donation jar to help this group or that person recover from the recent disaster and, I’m not kidding, we’ve passed the hat amongst ourselves so much it is time to take up a collection for new hats.

You really should go read this latest installment.

Five Weeks Later

Ken has 10 other posts about Irene and her aftermath that he's organized on a page on his blog. It's well worth going through them all when you have the time.

A Project: In Vermont, After Irene

My parents live on the Southwest Side of Chicago. About a year and half ago their basement flooded. 45 years of accumulated stuff sitting down there and quite a bit of it got destroyed. A year and a half later my mom still brings up her losses.

What happened in Vermont with Irene was much more than just a flooded basement, as you'll see from what Ken has put up.

I can only imagine how long it will take for those mental scars to heal. If ever.

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