Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days, Day One

My voice is shot, my legs are killing me from standing all day and I'm having a great time manning the booth for Heartland Outdoors Magazine at the Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days. If you read this in time tonight, have been sitting on the fence on whether to go, just do it. It's well worth it.

I've always enjoyed this event, gives me time to touch base with people I don't see very often any more.

Plus the opportunity to meet all new people.

Got an invite to go try out a sportsmans club and they joked that maybe I could write about it. I told them, you know I don't lie, you still willing to do it, for better or worse?

I might be heading out there soon. They didn't balk.

The crowds seemed a little lighter than usual, but then they were calling for rain all afternoon. I'm sure that kept some from venturing out. There was always a steady stream of people, but never a big crush. At these shows, people like to talk and there was plenty of time and opportunity for that.

Instead of an afternoon of rain, we got partly sunny skies.

Tomorrow's forecast is the same it was supposed to be today. Let's hope they continue to be wrong.

A few pictures from today:

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