A Project: In Vermont, After Irene

Last week I put up a post called Aftermath of "That Bitch Irene"

It's a link to the blog The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond by Ken Hall, aka Quill Gordon. Ken and his photographer friend Victor Salvo have been documenting the after effects of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene long after the initial interest by the news cycle had ended and they all went home.

I traded a few email with Ken last week and he mentioned he was going to try to dedicate a page on his blog to their efforts. I thought he would get around to it in a week or so, but within 24 hours I had a link to his new page. That's dedication to a cause.

He also claims to have never done anything like this before. You would never know it. There's a professionalism in the words and pictures that goes far beyond anything you would expect from someone who claims to be an amateur.

But enough wasting words here. You need to go read this and peruse the pictures. For me it redefines the impact a mere blog can have on an event that has changed so many lives.

A Project: In Vermont, After Irene


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