A Mini Marathon Fishing Trip

Not much in the mood for sitting here typing and thinking of words, so I'll keep this less wordy than usual, a few pictures and be done with it.

Got the week off because the client has so thoroughly screwed the schedule, may as well keep squeezing in some fishing. Tuesday afternoon seemed like a good enough day.

After the banner fishing day while doing a marathon over the weekend, I thought I would hit the same general area again, expand on it a little and see what happened.

I didn't expect another day of a hair over 130 fish caught and missed, so winding up with 25 smallies caught and another 47 missed still made for a nice day wandering around the Fox River. I wish the numbers were reversed, but you take what you can get.

In with all the weeds all over the river are open spots. Open spots filled with bait fish. Takes a little getting used to in order to see them, but pretty much tells you what you should be using.

I had planned on cutting across an island to save a few minutes, but unlike many of the islands on the river, this one doesn't see people or pretty much anything walking on it, ever. Looked like an impenetrable wall where I tried to enter. Was a good choice to take the long walk around, the opposite side was worse. A solid wall of trees and vines, not fun to walk through.

Came across a tire grave yard between a chain of smaller islands. One slowly being swallowed up by the weeds that are flowing down the river.

The other basking in the afternoon sun.

Tires are a bitch to haul out of a river, otherwise I'd seriously consider giving it a try. The rotting smell alone is enough to make you think twice.

Wound up catching lots of little fish that thought they were much bigger.

And a few bigger ones eating the same small meals as the little ones.

A little salad with your fish dinner, perhaps? I can't wait for these damn weeds to disappear.

The forest fires up in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota sent their clouds of smoke all the way down to us. It was doing an odd thing to the light as the sun slipped behind the low hanging cloud of smoke.

I tried to get a picture of the sun as it slipped behind the wall of smoke, it was extremely intense. The camera didn't like it at all. I had to settle for the intense pinks, blues and oranges of the horizon as the sun disappeared. I knew the smoke would do something odd to the colors, this was worth the wait.

And with that, I'm done. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.



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  • They really are good pictures. That is the most beautiful cesspool I've ever seen.

  • I do have a flare for making even garbage look intriguing.

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