Seems Like a Decent Evening to go Fishing

The assumption is that I will be off work at 5 PM.

The next assumption is that people will learn to drive on highways by that time and not turn them into parking lots.

I know that's asking a lot. Tough concept them there highways, what being 55 mph and all.

By 6:30 I can be on the Fox River somewhere between I-88 and Yorkville. That will give me a good hour and a half of fishing.

But where?

Skies are looking good for an outstanding sunset. So that might mean in a stretch of the river facing west.

But then, an extra 10 minutes of driving will get me to a creek. Haven't done that in awhile.

I have to walk past a little pond to get back to my car when I'm done fishing the creek.

Sunset won't be as good, there's a bluff at least 50 feet tall to the west, covered in trees.

But it will be dead quiet. I can use the quiet. Working under a landing pattern near O'Hare sucks. Getting to and from O'Hare sucks even more. The noise is overwhelming.

I think I just talked myself into a creek.

Now if I can only remember the short cut there I can shave off about 5 minutes of driving.


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    I can identify 1000%. Now its not about where you go, its "when". And "when" dictates where always. And how often. "When" slims down you chances and options.
    "When" sucks.

  • Luckily I live a two minute walk to the river. WHEN daylight fades even more, at least I won't have to travel far. Unless I really need to.

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