It's Lunch Time my Friend 8.4.11

Today's lunch is strictly self serve.

My time management skills have taken a hit while I get acclimated to a full-time freelance job I started a couple of weeks ago. My posts have dropped off. On my desktop is a folder called Articles TO Write with about a dozen things I started writing over the past two weeks. Hopefully I'll get to them.

What I do get are email notices from the blogs I've subscribed to. I've been getting a few over the past week, but I have no time to go read them first. I like to put the best of what I find up for you, but today you're on your own.

In the right hand column, you'll have to scroll up and down a bit, are the blogs I like to visit. They wouldn't be there if they weren't interesting on some level. So go for a stroll.

I know Bob Long, Jr. has been busy putting up his pictures and commentary. Always worth a visit.

Erin from Mysteries Internal is worth a visit. I got to read one. One well done.

Owl Jones is back from his trip back and forth across America. Would be worth playing catchup.

Troutrageous is always busy putting something up.

Mike's Gone Fishin' and now he's back.

There's more, find something and just click on it.

On just about all of these blogs are links to still more outdoor blogs.

Might be worth taking a little longer lunch today. You can use the mental exercise anyway.

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