I Went Fishing, And Now I Am Going To Tell You About It

Actually, not up for too many words today.

Besides, I've been told that nobody reads blogs on the weekend and that I shouldn't bother wasting my time putting up posts.

But I have time now.

I've got out fishing on the Fox River 4 times in the last week. 2 of those at sunset and 1 at sunrise. In those trips the sunset trips have been the most productive. Overall I caught 78 smallmouth bass in those 4 trips. Sad part is I was trying to pay attention to how many I was missing and it comes out to just shy of 100. Some pretty good fishing, but I guess it could have been better if I knew how to set a hook.

The weather has been nothing short of outstanding and the condition of the river couldn't be more perfect.

That's what anglers get for not checking in on weekend posts.

They should be out tonight at sunset. Tomorrow morning would work, but tomorrow night would be better. It's going to be beautiful out.

But they'll never know now will they?

Too bad for them.

For the rest of you  that happened to stop by and you don't fish, go for a walk along the river. If you get to a little ravine, go wander up it and do some exploring.

Soon enough everyone will all be complaining about horrible winter weather.

Go enjoy this while you can.

In the mean time, fewer words, more pictures.



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  • Beautiful pics! Where are u fishing along the Fox and is there a "put in" nearby for kayak?

  • In reply to illinimsuedu:

    To be appropriately vague, the whole stretch from Montgomery to Yorkville has been good. Lots of put in points all along Route 25. Bike path all along most of it and plenty of parks. A good map will show you where to go.
    Be prepared to get out and wade or have a good anchor chain to stop you. You won't be able to fish the shores effectively if you're moving.

  • Cool moth shot. That minnow is so dead I can almost smell it. Nobody reads fishing blog posts on the weekends because they are all out fishing. They read great on Monday though. ;)

  • We have a few more cool shots of the moths. Will put them up later. The wife got one shot of a double. Fascinating to watch them every day at sunset.

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