Been Getting Out, but no Time to Tell You About It

Time is at a premium lately. A new job and a long commute eats up 12 hours of my day. By the time I'm back at home, there's things to do. Cook something to eat, even if it sucks it will be somewhat edible. Laundry to do, other things around the house that have been neglected for too long. All add up to eat up my evening.

If you like to write about the outdoors you have to start by being out there as much as possible. Fishing and wandering around this time of year. Hunting season is already on us if you like squirrel, but much more is starting in September.

I still get to do these things, but even there the time is limited.

With the limited time I agonize over how to put the experiences in words. I'm not known for being short winded, so anything I write down tends to take some time. I like to throw in a handful of photos taken while out wandering around. More time needed to crop and touch up the photos so they resemble what I thought I saw.

When I think back and look back at the pictures taken in the last couple of weeks, I have been doing quite a bit. It's a matter of how to touch upon the experiences. How to write something that's interesting enough to entice you to get out there and experience it for yourself.

Saying that I got out with friend Dave Price, who I haven't fished with in a long time, hardly touches on the outing. Dave's an ex-marine demolitions expert, truck driver, exceptional husband and father who also happens to be a preacher. Other aspects of his past life would never lead you to believe he even believes in God let alone is a preacher. And yet, over on Hubpages, he keeps a blog. He tends to write well about that aspect of his life.

Long conversations were had about all things God, that in itself would make for an interesting little story. Maybe, someday, but for now it's best to stick to the fishing.

Fishing was done and fish were caught.

It was a beautiful sunset and we got to see the International Space Station streak across the sky as we stood in the parking lot at the end of our fishing trip.

From the first flight of the Wright brothers, it only took 66 years to get to the moon. Whole nuther thing on technology there. I'll get to it.

Was able to get out a few times with my wife for our evening walks at Silver Springs State Park. Quite a bit rattling around in my head about the lack of people that seem to take advantage of the state's public land. The almost complete lack of kids seen while on these walks is disheartening. As a kid, I don't remember ever being or wanting to be indoors. There were places to go and explore, so we did.

Instead of going on about this, maybe a few photos of the things we've been finding on our walks will suffice.

And of course there's been fishing.

Not a lot, but at least a couple of days a week. That's not a lot for me. Wonderful things have been seen,

fish have been caught and today the lightning chased me off the water right when the fish started biting.

That's the way it always goes.

So much more about the fishing and things seen are rattling around in my head, but it will just have to wait. Sometimes processing time is needed, otherwise I may as well just line list the number of fish caught .

Fished today.
18 smallies caught in 45 minutes while standing in one spot.
More than that missed from that same spot.
There's a theory behind this, but it will have to wait.
Needs some processing time.

Kind of like that.

The geese are moving and resident goose season starts September 1st. There are places on the Fox where you can go goose hunt. I might say where soon, but not today.

Now it's one in the afternoon, I've been up since 4 AM and I'm tired. Things will just have to wait. I feel a nap coming on.

One must have priorities for the weekend, even when faced with little free time.

And yet I have this long story rattling around in my head. While standing out in the river today an eagle drifted up the river, not more than 50 feet from me. I was in an urban area. 15 years ago if you had told me eagles would be living in this stretch of the river, I would have laughed at you.

I'll get to expanding on that someday, maybe.

Author John Voelker once said that if it weren't for the long brutal Upper Peninsula winters and if he could have fished year round, he might never have written a line.

I'll have to give that some more thought too and get back to you.


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    Ive been feeling the same way. Looking for new fishable waters that arent flooded, working, looking at the rods attached to the inside roof of my car rattle away as I drive to and from work.. much to early and much to late. Glad to see youve beaten it some.. and continue to. Im trying!

  • In reply to Steven Ethridge:

    It's a tough thing to achieve. I must be invisible on the highways, I'm stunned I don't get pulled over for speeding. Less than a mile from where I work is the Des Plaines. It looks inviting, but it's the Des Plaines. Could be interesting catching fish with O'Hare in the background I guess.

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