You Drove How Far to go Fishing? Really?

Living on the edge of civilization has its benefits. If I drive 20 miles to the east, I'm smack dab in the middle of Naperville. They like to call themselves a city, but it's more like the epitome of the word suburb.

If I drive 20 miles to the west, I'm smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere starts at the cornfield that's about a half mile from my house. I've figured out that starting at this cornfield, I could walk, bike or drive all the way to the Mississippi River without ever going through a town, let alone a city.

Intersections with 3 buildings that have a name don't count.

My goal was to fish everyday of the 3 day holiday weekend and I accomplished that goal. Two days were spent fishing with friends, one to myself. It's extremely rare that I'll go more than 40 miles just to go fishing. Besides, there are so many possibilities within that 40 miles, traveling further simply doesn't make any sense.

I used to travel all the way out to Virginia for fishing opportunities, but that was a couple of times a year events. Special trips if you want to think of it that way. For day to day fishing, most people don't have to go more than a few miles. Only, for some reason, they don't do that. This weekend, because of the holiday I assume, I ran into more people out on the two rivers I fished than any other time in the last 5 years, combined.

The trip to a popular area on the Fox River in Batavia (17 miles) had a half dozen guys wandering around. The trip to the DuPage River around Channahon (22 miles) saw another half dozen. An unpopular spot on the Fox (4 miles) that I hit by myself was devoid of another human being.

I know lots of unpopular spots. They're unpopular because you actually have to do a bit of work to get there. You can't park your car and hop in the river. Learned a long time ago that people, especially anglers, are inherently lazy. Go a little further than most and you can have whole stretches of rivers all to yourself.

The fishing was not hot and heavy, but fish were caught each day. I only spent a couple of hours at the unpopular spot a few miles from my house. There my inability to set a hook when needed reared it's ugly head. One catfish approaching 30 inches was landed, but 8 hard hits and heavy pulls on the line were completely blown.


I'm still playing around with the New and Improved ChicagoNow. That's the reason for this post, I wanted to see how the gallery feature works. Those that know me will be shocked at the lack of words and no embedded photos. Didn't really feel like doing that today anyway. I have to go cut the grass then go watch fireworks. Didn't feel like sitting here thinking. There's a beer in the fridge and a lawnmower with my name on it.

So, if I did this right, there should be images from my weekend in a gallery for you to peruse.

Don't get used to that. I like the other way I do things.



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  • Hmmm, I'll never use the Gallery feature again.
    About as intuitive as brain surgery. Dropped a photo or two.
    Back to how I like to do it.

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