It's Lunch Time my Friend 7.20.11

Well, if you're reading this right about your lunch time and you're in the Chicago area, it's probably about 95 degrees out there right now.

You could go wander across the parking lot to your car, get in it, go wander around looking for someplace to grab a bite to eat. You might toy with the idea of sitting out in the sun somewhere as you nibble on your lunch, but that would make you an idiot and you're not an idiot, are you?

No, you're probably sitting comfortably in your air conditioned cubicle munching on a Power Bar from the vending machine and looking for something interesting to read. Why, here you go!

In no particular order:

Pre-Picnic Pescador Parlance

A Toast to the Unknown Guide

Heat Wave Fishing - Pressing My Luck

Irony Appreciation Day

Bad Habits

Sunday. Lethargic. Fishing.

Almost Heaven

All right, that's probably too much.

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