Cubs: nothing to blog home about

So tired. Tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for Yu - oo - oo. (apologies to the Kinks)

This is a blog about nothing. Nothing? Absolutely nothing at all. (apologies to Seinfeld)

Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks. This year I will be more grateful than ever for that occurrence. Let's get to playing baseball already because in terms of excitement, the off-season has been a major dud so far. The hot stove league has been in the deep freeze.

And my blogging has been equally cold. This is my first blog of 2018 and it's a big zero. What has there been to write about?

The proverbial blank page -- er -- blank screen -- staring at me.

The proverbial blank page -- er -- blank screen -- staring at me.

Nothing. So I'm writing about nothing.

Quick ... name all the Cubs' signings since October! I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that the Cubs signed somebody, but you just can't remember whom right now. Am I right?

Where's the excitement of the Jon Lester signing a few off-seasons ago? And speaking of Waiting4Cubs, remember when we anxiously awaited the call up of Kris Bryant? Or Dexter Fowler resigning with the Cubs during Spring Training, what, two years ago already?

Questions. All we have are questions. Who will sign Yu Devilish Darvish? Brewers? Dodgers? Where will Arrieta end up? Back on the Cubs since there has been little or no action elsewhere? Will Lackey end up anywhere at all?

There are those in Family of Admin (FoA) who speculate that there is unspoken collusion among MLB teams to not pony up the huge salaries some of the free agents' agents are trying to land for their clients. If that is the case, who will blink first -- a team desperate enough for a quality starter to pay around $25 million per year; or the players who may end up willing to accept deals for less money and/or fewer guaranteed years than they hoped?

Stay tuned. Or not. In any case, we are SOOOO ready for Spring Training.
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  • fb_avatar

    Floyd ! hi there. Just wanted to say theirs plenty to write about .
    sure the off season hasn't been as active though there is many pieces to this team and being the owner of cubs win a poplar social media page on facebook i will tell you you just have to dig a bit... its there.. only a few weeks ! Go Cubs will be a fun season.


  • In reply to Philly Gialluisi:

    Thanks, Philly! And now they finally have Yu Darvish and so it should be a fun season indeed.

  • fb_avatar

    Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, Birthday Jan. 31. We still miss him!!!

  • In reply to JGoss:

    We do. Wife of Admin (WoA) and I drove past his grave over the weekend.

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