What we text about when we text about Cubs

(More apologies to Raymond Carver)

Son of Admin and I have been texting during, but mostly after recent Cub games. Here's a sampling from September.

September 3. 

Admin: Yo. We got standing room. Only $25.

Son of Admin (SoA): Not bad. Cubs awesome.

Admin: Apparently they almost blew it yesterday. We couldn't watch, or even listen.

SoA: Bullpen awful. Gave up 8 runs in last 3 innings. Bats bail them out again. Wilson is absolute dumpster fire.

Admin: I looked at the box score briefly. Who gave up the runs in the 9th?

SoA: Duensing/Davis. Edwards, Rondon and Uehara only clean innings of relief. Pena, Wilson, Davis, Duensing trash.

Admin: Glad to hear Rondon didn't mess up.

SoA: Wilson extra trash. 2 bb 3 er.

Admin: Reverting back to when he first got here.

SoA: Montgomery goes today.

Admin: Cool. He's been good. Watch him blow up today!view-from-sro

(Later that day, after Cubs lose to Atlanta 5-1.)

Admin: Cubs no-shows. Pena a total disaster. Rizzo asleep at the plate.

September 5. Pittsburgh 4 Cubs 3.

Admin: I. Hate. The. Cubs.

SoA: That one hurt. Kinda knew it the second Hendricks was pulled. He shouldn't have been pulled.

Admin: But also, Edwards looked horrible right away. Why didn't Maddon get him the hell off the mound STAT?

SoA: He is feast or famine.

Admin: It was famine tonight, which everyone on Earth could see immediately except Maddon and Bosio. Maybe they have a greater plan. But it's flipping frustrating.

SoA: Pulling starters early worried about Jake and Lester injuries.

Admin: But it wasn't so early tonight. 7th inning? Right? My problem is why not have someone else ready to go as soon as you know Edwards doesn't have it, instead of letting him blow the game.

SoA: Because everyone else sucks, too.

Admin: But you can't assume that.

SoA: Sure I can. Ha.

Admin: It's back to assuming that a one run lead ain't enough. Or even a 2-run lead.

SoA: I don't feel comfortable with any lead. Last year I assumed they'd win even down 5.

Admin: Like the Bulls in what? 97 or 98?

SoA: Yep.

September 6. Cubs 1 Pittsburgh 0. (Quintana pitching)

SoA: Nasty.

Admin: Unhittable. Q really good.

SoA: Extremely. Cold blooded last 2 starts.

Admin: Need that.

September 7. Cubs 8 Pittsburgh 2.

SoA: Cubs greatest team to ever play.

Admin: Best in history since 2016. Lester amazing. Not his best stuff but pitching his way through 6.

SoA: Last 2 innings best 2.

Admin: Ump giving him low strikes, and low outside corner against righties all night, so he kept going back there.

September 8. Milwaukee 2 Cubs 0.

Admin: Cubs will never ever score another run ever again. Ever.

September 10. Milwaukee 3 Cubs 1. Brewers sweep Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Admin: Cubs are the worst. Great timing for being swept at home by Brewers.

SoA: They can't hit good pitching.

-- And that's where we stand as we wait for the Cubs to begin play against the Mets at Wrigley Field tonight at 7:05. We'll be watching. And texting.

CALLED OUT on display at The Book Cellar

CALLED OUT on display at The Book Cellar

REMINDER: Yours truly will be at The Book Cellar Wednesday, September 20 at 7:00, signing copies of my new historical novel, Called Out: A novel of base ball and America in 1908. (Amika Press, 2017). It's getting good reviews! Margaret, a Cubs employee, recently wrote (this morning!):

I have finished "Called Out" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your detail made me feel as if I was actually there
. . . in the office with all the secretary's supplies of that time, at the Polo Grounds and on the train being pushed and shoved by fans, walking the streets of the city, being excited with wins, and disappointed with pressure on Pulliam not to do the right thing for baseball. I hadn't caught the 2 word spelling of baseball until I read this blog. You certainly know your history. Thank you for taking the time to record it with this novel.

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