What we talk about when we talk about Cubs

(apologies to Raymond Carver)

Since Game 7 all we've talked about around here is Game 7, with the occasional Game 5 thrown in. Well, we're almost a month into the new season and so I thought I'd ask the usual comment-providers what's on their minds concerning the 2017 Cubs, in at least 25 words.



Son of Admin (SoA):  25 words or more? How about 2?

Third Daughter of Admin (D3oA):  I watched Reign Men the other night – dorkiest production ever, not super well-made, totally awesome. Heart palpitations, nail-biting, misty eyes all over again. I am ready for more.

Second Daughter of Admin (D2oA):  I like the Cubs momentum. Some promising off-season acquisitions with room for Maddon to “play” with the line-up a bit. Curious to see how the Cubs will use Schwarber. Dynasty or collapse? We shall see ... let’s play ball!

SoA:  Its an absolute embarrassment of riches. Almost too embarrassing to the point that the other shoe has to drop, right? Right?

Third Son-in-law of Admin (SiL3oA):  I'll be interested to see if Wade Davis will be as good as Aroldis Chapman was during the regular season. I'll also be looking forward to watching the platoons. 

First Daughter of Admin (D1oA):  Last year's team chemistry is hard to beat but the guys seemed to be playing pretty loose in Mesa, and it'll be fun to see what Maddon can do with so much youth-y talent. An embarrassment of riches is right (!!) not to mention a squad of dudes whose enthusiasm for the game is totally contagious! (I'm looking at you, Lester). 2017...ready, set...go!

Grandson of Admin (GSoA):  (Admin note -- Pay close attention to GSoA. In December of 2015 he predicted that the Cubs would win the 2016 World Series. We tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted. He wrote a long essay that explained his reasoning. He was nine years old. His essay is framed and up on our wall, next to our autographed photo of Ernie Banks.)

I think Baez will have a good year. I think he's earned himself a starting spot at 2nd. I am excited for Wade Davis and I think he is better than Chap. We didn't need Jorge anyway. The way I see it, the lineup should be this:

1. Schwarber
2. Bryant
3. Rizzo
4. Zobrist
5. Russell
6. Baez
7. Contreras
8. Heyward
9. Pitcher/Szczur
Maybe Almora Jr for DH

GSoA, 3 weeks later:  Now I think Almora Jr. should be CF. Two great plays!

Admin: He's an amazing fielder!

GSoA:  So true.

The Cubs are currently (Friday morning, April 28, 2017) in first place at 12-9, but are not having the gangbusters start to season we all hoped for. But as opposed to the usual, as in my whole life, cynicism, I keep thinking back to the 1991-92 Bulls season. No one could have possibly hoped for a repeat of their 1991 championship, but by 1998 they were pretty much the unanimous choice for being the best sports franchise in Chicago, if not all of professional sports, history. Can it happen at 1060 W. Addison? For the first time ever, I might be perhaps maybe kind of considering the possibility of a Cubs dynasty, something like 1906-1910! Why not? I guess 29 other teams would like to tell us why not.

But let's play the games and see. Red Sox tonight in Boston.


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