Injury report. Cubs elbow and other notes.

First, a couple of you have been wondering what happened to Waiting4Cubs. The blog has been quiet for several weeks. It's simple, or maybe really complex, not sure which.

The morning of Game 7 of the World Series my computer failed. And that was only the beginning. My troubles included not just one or two, but three computers over six weeks. The one blog I was able to compose was done on a surreptitiously "borrowed" machine that was not subsequently available.

Enough said about my technical troubles. Let's move on to the physical.

In mid November I noticed a dull ache in my left arm. The pain was between my elbow and my wrist, and was not going away. It hurt to lift a full mug of beer, so I knew it was serious. I assumed that I had slept wrong, or maybe strained it during a recent freelance photography project. I described my discomfort to Wife of Admin (WoA) who diagnosed me as follows ...

WoA: "Sounds like tennis elbow. I had it once."

Admin: "How'd you get it?"

WoA: "Playing tennis."

Admin: "But I haven't tried to play tennis in 40 years. And I'm a righty. It's my left arm that hurts."

WoA: "It's truly a mystery. You should call the doctor."

Which I did. Our doctor agreed to see me at the end of the week. She examined my arm and identified the tender spot, which was indeed on, or in, my left elbow.

Doctor: "You have lateral epicondylitis of the left elbow."

Admin: "Pardon me?"

Doctror: "Tennis elbow."

Admin: "But I haven't played tennis in 40 years. And I'm right handed."

Doctor: "It can be easily relieved. I'm sending you to a physical therapist."

She filled out a form and sent me across the street to a building that contains a gym, a running track, a swimming pool, and a chamber furnished with a rack, a pit and a pendulum, an iron maiden, and other implements of torture.

Physical therapist (PT): "You have lateral epicondylitis of the left elbow."

Admin: "My doctor speculated that it was tennis elbow."

PT: "Exactly. It's caused by excessive repetitive motion. Like swinging a tennis racket and hitting a ball over and over and over."

Admin: "But I haven't played tennis in 40 years. And I'm right handed."

At which point he taught me a couple of exercises to do at home, and then attached me to one of the torture devices. I've been back several times, and have been attached to yet more advanced implements of torture.

One morning about a week ago, I was doing wrist curls while holding a quart bottle of milk. I sat daydreaming and reliving the night of November 2-3, 2016, as I "worked out" to repair the mysterious damage to my elbow. With all the negativity in today's news, I often reflect on that historic night in Cub history in order to accentuate the positive. Well, maybe not the whole game, which was monstrously stressful, but certainly that last ground ball to Kris Bryant, and then our storming of Addison (Russell) Street where we joined thousands and thousands of other crazed Cub fans screaming and dancing and ...

... high fiving!

"That's it!" I cried.

"That's what?" asked WoA.

"The high fives as we were heading to the ballpark after Game Seven. That's what gave me tennis elbow."

She laughed hysterically.

I mentioned my theory to our doctor. She laughed hysterically. I crossed the street for my weekly torture session and mentioned it to my PT. When he stopped laughing hysterically he said, "Could be."

I emphasized that I high-fived dozens, or hundreds, or maybe thousands of fans streaming along Addison (Russell) Street. And it would have been my left hand because we walked along the right half of the sidewalk meaning fans heading west would have been to my left.

"And a lot of those fans slapped my hand hard."

He nodded and said. "I've never heard of damage from repetitive motion occurring in such a compressed amount of time, but it's certainly very plausible."

We now call the condition "Cubs elbow." But as WoA observed, "I imagine you accept your diagnosis happily."

"You bet," I said. "And I'd do it again next year. And the next. And the next."

Happy New Year, Cub fans.
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