Wrigley Field gut rehab and new construction

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  • Are they doing anything substantive in the grandstands, or just feeding Tyrannosaurus Frontloader?

  • In reply to jack:

    Can't see inside the ballpark. But I think they are making the concourses wider. Almost all of the 2nd floor offices have been removed. Don't know if they are working on the seating area yet.

  • Thanks Floyd.

    What era does your book encompass?

  • In reply to MilwaukeeRoad:

    Greetings! Sorry for the delay in my reply. My book covers the 2008 season as a personal memoir, and compares it to the 1908 season. So those two seasons are covered in some detail. I also include memories of Cub games from my first in 1958 through the 2008 season. Thanks!

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