Streets named after Cubs -- Part IV

A couple of years ago I posted 3 galleries that reviewed Chicagoland streets named after Cubs, past and present. I had posted a suggestion that the City of Chicago rename Berteau Avenue in honor of the late Ron Santo. The reason I suggested Berteau is because Santo used to tell the story of how several players who lived west of the ballpark would take Berteau (4200 north) home after games because Addison, Irving Park, and Belmont would be clogged with post-game traffic.

In addition, a coworker who grew up near Berteau told me how she and her friends would wait at stop signs and traffic signals along the North Side street, watching for the Cubs to pass, hoping to get autographs. Santo always stopped to say hello and sign his name on balls, score cards, pennants, mitts, bats etc. If fact, other players, apparently in more of a hurry than Santo, would open their windows and tell the kids, "I can't stop right now, but Ron Santo is right behind me. He'll stop."

Anyway, the idea was shouted down as impractical by other bloggers and comment contributors. So the 3 blogs were composed to demonstrate that there were already many Chicago area streets named for Cubs, so why not one for Ron Santo?

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Well, it's a new Cub era with new Cub players, so it's time to add an update. We discovered some additional streets named after former Cubs, plus several new ones that celebrate the young players of last season's Miracle on Addison Street. And one street named for a young Cub prospect because, as we all know, the Cubs have been not only building a good team for today, but for the future and into infinity.

Plus, we found some wonderful intersections!

Speaking of Addison, here's our first Cub street ...

We'll be on the lookout for more streets named for Cubs. Let us know if you notice any.
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