Joe Maddon's glasses

My eye doctor wrote me a new prescription last week. Wife of Admin (WoA) and I agreed that it was time for new frames. I had been wearing the same wire frames for who knows how long -- maybe since they were actually in fashion decades ago.

At our glasses shop, on Southport a few blocks from the ballpark, we were waited on by a very helpful, enthusiastic employee. We handed her my prescription.

"What style are you interested in?" she asked.

Without missing a beat, WoA replied, "Joe Maddon."

"Excellent," said the glasses person. She went to a shelf and brought out the exact style we wanted.

The day before Halloween my new glasses arrived at the shop. I tried them on.Joe Maddon's glasses

"Perfect," said WoA.

On Halloween we planned to meet at Son of Admin's (SoA) house for a party that would include trick-or-treating with our grandchildren (Gd3oA and Gd4oA). Gd3oA would expect us all to be in costume.

With my new glasses recently purchased, my costume was easy. Add a Cub hat and my Ernie Banks jersey and I was ready.

It was dark when we hit the street for trick-or-treating. The darkness helped.

I knew my costume was a success when the first adult we passed on the sidewalk said to his kids, dressed as Cub players Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant, "There's Joe Maddon."

The two little boys gazed up at me. I said, "We'll be watching you in Spring Training."

Photo by SoA

Photo by SoA

Up and down Hamilton Street, the word was, "There's Joe Maddon."

Gd3oA didn't care. She was having a blast going from door to door getting lots of candy. But I had to try to intelligently talk about plans for the Hot Stove League, free agent deals, the upcoming draft, and the next generation of Cub prospects. It was a little stressful. But hilarious.

One adult said, "Great costume."

I replied, "It's not a costume." Which is true. It's the way I'll look at the ballpark next season.

And it wasn't just Halloween. A couple of days later I was working on a photo project in a historic Chicago building. It was dark. Several guys approached me asking why I was in the building. I told them I was taking pictures before the building was demolished. One of the guys said, "I thought you were Joe Maddon."

How much fun is that?

No one has asked for my autograph, though. Not yet.


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