Good Cubs/bad Cubs. Waiting4Cubs is interviewed.

So perhaps you'd like to know what I really think of the planned Wrigley Field renovations!

As part of a ChicagoNow project, fellow blogger Joe Grace interviewed yours truly and posted the interview on Going for Gusto this week. I guess I was a little wound up at the time.

No adult beverages were involved, I promise. Click on the link above and check it out.


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  • But what is your opinion of Jeff Garlin's statement last night (after the 7th inning stretch) that Ricketts will be putting a puppet theater in left field, to hold the fans' attention during the boring parts of the game?

    As far as advertising, generally, I don't see why any sports team thinks the fans pay big bucks for tickets to see mostly advertisements. Pretty much all of the teams are bad; for instance, the Blackhawks went from ads on the boards, to ads under the ice, to ad wraps on the glass. I'm surprised that with the controversies over the basket and balls lost in the ivy (weather has been so bad the first one was this week) why the Cubs don't set up a similar fence and drape it with ads, thus defining a home run, and then leave the walls and ivy alone.

    Also, I have the feeling that CBS Radio will pay for the rights to the CBS games the same way they do for the Sox: "the umpires are brought to you by -- low vision clinics, the balls are brought out to the plate by [some carrier], the uniform colors are brought to you by [some clothing or paint company]" etc. I wondered why the copyright notice sounded different, but it appears that 312-6 million has taken that over on both Cubs and Sox telecasts.

    Of course, to add to that, AB InBev (Cubs) and SAB Miller (Sox) will need more ad space for all their phony brands of craft beer and hard cider.

    And, if basketball is any indication, the team owners are going to need money to satiate all the speculation or masturbation about LeBron and Carmelo. I suppose Ricketts will have to pay for someone at some point, but as you pointed out there, not now.

  • In reply to jack:

    rights to the "Cubs Games."

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for your comments, Jack. I worry about everything that makes Wrigley Field the great ballpark it is. The Cubs have said they cherish the vines, or are very protective of them, or something like that. Watch out. I interpret that as meaning the vines' days are numbered. They say they're moving the bullpens because of player safety. Baloney. There's an advertising/marketing reason there, you can bet on it. Same with the vines and doors. They will soon claim that they are removing the bricks and vines because they, too, are too dangerous. Then Wrigley Field will look like a minor league park with ads all over the outfield walls.

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