Derek Jeter autograph -- let's help this kid get one

Can we find a way to get this kid Derek Jeter's autograph? He worked hard for it.

When the Yankees were in Chicago recently I posted this photograph of a Derek Jeter fan who traveled all the way from Mexico to Wrigley Field to see his hero. He was one of thousands who wanted to celebrate Jeter's storied career. His sign expresses his feelings perfectly.Wrigley Field Jeter fan sign

Earlier this week I heard from the fan. He had found the blog that included his picture, somehow.

His name is Ruben. He is 12 years old and lives in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. Here's what he wrote ...

I will tell you the story of that trip.

First I wished to see Derek Jeter play but I didn't have money to go to the Yankee Stadium and I worked for money so I had money to spend it in my airplane ticket and my stadium ticket.

When I arrived to Chicago I was illusionated to have a Derek Jeter's autograph but in the stadium he didn't see my cardboard sign. Also when he was on bus I put the cardboard in front it and he saw it but he couldn't do nothing.

Derek Jeter did not see the sign during the game because Ruben's seat was near mine in the upper deck. And Ruben could not get close enough to Jeter to ask him for an autograph. By the time Jeter was on the bus, he no doubt appreciated the sign, but could not leave his seat and delay the team's departure from Wrigley Field.

I replied to Ruben's email, asking how he earned the money to travel from Mexico to Chicago to see Derek Jeter.

I worked washing cars for a year and cleaning shoes but the other money that I earned was for Christmas and my birthday.

Because Ruben was so determined, his father brought the whole family to Chicago for the game. He also sent me an email, saying ...

We found, too, a very good experience to visit Wrigley Field at 100th Anniversary.

Can we find a way to get this kid Derek Jeter's autograph? On a ball, on a scorecard, on a scrap of paper?

Maybe the Cubs read this blog because of the mural thing, and maybe they can get in touch with the Yankees to make it happen. Maybe someone else who reads this blog has a connection that can get Jeter's autograph to Ruben.

It would be real nice.

The family sent me their address, so if I hear from the Cubs or the Yankees, I can forward the address and make it possible for Ruben to get his Derek Jeter autograph.

He worked a year for it.

At ChicagoNow we like to say that blogging works. I hope it works this time. It won't save the world, but it will make one young man very happy.

Finally, since this is a Cub blog, I must post this picture of Ruben's sister, Cub fan Ana Sofia. Her father assured me that ...

Like you can see not all of us are Yankees fans, my daughter is a Cubby Fan

la foto lr.2


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  • Great story! Wish I had a way to get Ruben his autograph...

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