Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley Field -- Christmas in April

Our blogging community, ChicagoNow, has invited each of us to compose a blog based on the general topic "Opening Day." Here's mine ...

My former employer, understanding my attachment to the Cubs and Wrigley Field, wrote into my contract that I would be given Opening Day off each season as part of my compensation. It was viewed by them as the equivalent of a holiday for me. Perhaps this was a practical move on their part, as they no doubt knew that I would be a no-show that day each year.

Nonetheless, they understood the spirit of Opening Day. When she was a kid, my friend Colleen, the HR person at my job, used to help clean up the ballpark after games for free tickets for the next day's game.

Since I began writing this blog, Opening Day has meant getting to Clark and Addison early, camera in hand, and having a total blast capturing the spirit of the day in image and word.

Some years I've been within a few feet of Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Fergie Jenkins, snapping away. What could be more fun than that?

I meet characters of all kinds at Murphy's, Bernie's, and at the top of aisle 206.

And I see my friends Margaret and Tom and Jason and Bill, ushers and vendors who have been through the Wrigley Field wars with me over the last 5 years since we moved, thankfully, back to Chicago after a decade of being Cub-fans-in-exile.

Does it matter that the Cubs have been horrible the last few years? Of course it does. I want the Cubs to win every single game they play.

Short of that, I will meet my son, who will also have a camera, and we will have the best time imaginable looking and seeing and shooting and loving the day.

We will also have scorecards in hand when it's time to play ball.
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  • The ballpark is 100 years old. It was nice then but now it is falling apart. The Cubs need to get a new ballpark with a retractable roof so they can play when the weather is nasty. And the rooftop owners don't look like they will compromise so that may actually push the Cubs to look at other options. The Cubs need a modern ballpark to play in without meddling politicians controlling them.

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