Wrigley Field Centennial banners -- hiding the ballpark

The Cubs are getting ready for the "Party of the Century," as they call it --  a celebration of the Centennial of the first season of baseball played at what is now called Wrigley Field.

We knew they would have to hang some kind of banners around the marquee because the current Cub front office just can't resist hanging stuff on the facade of the ballpark.

Here's a brief review of what's happened over the last few weeks, and a review of what the ballpark looks like now with less than two weeks to go before Opening Day on the North Side of Chicago.


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  • "It's the party of the century" makes me throw up in my mouth.

  • When we drove by the view was a little blocked and I actually thought it said "the PARITY of the century"...

  • fb_avatar

    I just went past there less than an hour ago. Horrendous!!

  • In reply to Howard Moore:

    We drove by again yesterday, and this morning. The thought that they're going to be up for the whole season is very depressing.

  • Email from a Lake County, IL, reader:
    "I've been watching all the promotions of Wrigley @ 100 and can't stop thinking that the TEAM hasn't won the series for over 100 years. It's really not even a celebration to me... the ball park is beautiful and all, but all the promos just make me sad. SAD."

  • Not really a shock now is it.

    This ownership has really shown nothing but bad taste if not disdain for the dignity of the stadium ever since they took it over have they.

  • In reply to jimmy4:

    Not a shock at all. There have been some very dubious design decisions made since the new owners took over.

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