Rat sighted at Wrigley Field -- new Cubs mascot

Local 147, the Chicago branch of Painters District Council #14, put up their own Wrigley Field Centennial decoration this morning.

The Offical Rat of the Chicago Cubs

The Offical Rat of the Chicago Cubs

The friendly behemoth is intended to draw attention to the allegation that Michigan based Britten, Inc., who we assume produces the banners that now deface Wrigley Field, brings in out of state, non-union labor to work on Wrigley Field projects.

When asked what their goal was, protesting union members said they were trying to "put Chicago back to work."

One offered, "But I still like the Cubs." He then volunteered that he lives on the South Side not far from U.S. Cellular Field.

We commented that the rat didn't look nearly as bad as the banners. The union guys laughed and agreed.
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  • That is awesome!

  • No, that is horribly unoriginal. I was hoping for Rat from Pearls before Swine, or at least Clark's buddy who hangs out in the latrines denoted as men's rooms.

  • In reply to jack:

    Nice ideas! Thanks!

  • I returned to the ballpark at noon and there was no sign of Wrigley the Rat! Already exterminated! The picketers were gone, too.

  • In reply to Floyd Sullivan:

    Have to head to some gas station construction site (where I last saw them). The picketers, too.

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