Polar Vortex spares no one. Report from the Hall of Fame.

Received this from a Cub fan in exile (Long Island, NY) who was recently in Cooperstown on business.

I was supposed to go back to Cooperstown tomorrow for a meeting, but they are in the process of getting another 12 inches. I stayed over up there Feb 27-28. When I got up in the morning  it was 1 degree F.  Main St outside the Hall on the previous night was as desolate and bleak as the main drag in some Siberian gulag. If any town in America needs baseball season to start, and start fast, it's Cooperstown.  So, don’t feel too bad. At least in Chicago the bars are still open.

I replied, "True. I'm in one (a bar) now."

MLB HOF, March, 2014. Photo by Hans Arnold.

MLB HOF, March, 2014. Photo by Hans Arnold.


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