Cubs fans/Sox fans -- the tone of the "discussion" has shifted

Not so very long ago, a "debate," or rather a taunting match, between Cub fans and Sox fans might have sounded something like this:

Sox fan:  "Chubbies suck!"

Cubs fan:  "White Sux suck!"

Sox fan:  "Drunken North Side losers!"

Cubs fan:  "Drunken South Side bums!"

Or perhaps an older Cubs fan might say:  "Is there still major league baseball played on the South Side?"

To which the Sox fan might retort:  "There has NEVER been major league baseball on the North Side!"

And so on ...

However, the nature of the argument has changed.

We ventured up to our favorite watering hole, Tiny Lounge, on Leavitt just south of Montrose. Our friend Mark, a Sox fan, was there. We greeted each other and then we sat down and ordered a couple of Daisy Cutters.

"Opening Day's coming up," I said. "Although I don't know why I'm so excited. The only question is can the stupid Cubs lose less than 90 games this year."

"Oh, yeah?" said Mark. "The Sox are shooting to drop 100. Fell one short last year."

"Cubs are strictly a triple-A team," I replied.

"That good? The Sox would be run out of any triple-A town in the country."

"Cubs got no pitching."

"Sox got no hitting."

And so on ...

Then, the other day, I received an email from a Sox fan who lives in the South Loop. He related that when the Cubs swept the Sox during the Crosstown Series last year, his Cub fan friends didn't have the heart to taunt him. "Cubs are so terrible," they said, "we just don't have the heart to rub it in."

And so he explained that the discussion on the street has shifted as follows:

Cubs fan:  "Cubs suck!"

Sox fan:  "Sox suck worse!"

Or vice versa.

Happy Opening Day, everyone!
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  • Anything above total failure will be a victory, right?

  • Sox have Abreu and two Garcias with unpronounceable first names.
    Anyone the Cubs claim to have is still in AA. Maybe Baez in AAA, but not the friendly confines at Balmoral and Mannheim.

    Also, based on the Sox/Cubs game Dunn is in midseason form: one pathetic strikeout, and one HR.

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