Summer at the ballpark ... it's just my imagination

Watching the clock anxiously. Counting down the minutes. Trying to keep busy so time doesn't drag.

Been waiting for a long time for this moment. And then it's here.

2:00pm (CST).

Watching the first ST game of 2014.

Watching the first ST game of 2014.

Cubs baseball 2014 on WGN Channel 9!

The voices of Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies sooth and amuse, as if they never left for the winter. The familiar bricks behind home plate give me that special Wrigley Field feeling of being home again.

Jeff Samardzija takes the mound and walks the first batter on 4 rather wild pitches.

I doze for a moment, as is normal for me. I awake to the sounds of Theo Epstein being interviewed by the WGN TV guys. I'm not convinced by a thing he says, but that's okay because I haven't been convinced by anything anybody from the Cubs has said for over 50 years!

The Cubs have blown their 2-run lead. All seems right with the world.

The field looks sunny and bright, as I know it should be just down Addison about a mile and a half because it's sunny and bright right outside my living room windows.

But then I wake up completely and realize that it's February 27 and the game isn't being played down the street. It's a million miles away in Arizona where it's always summer. The Cubs have done an excellent job giving their brand new Mesa spring training ballpark the look and feel of Wrigley Field, especially with the low brick wall behind home plate. From some camera angles you'd swear they were playing at Clark and Addison, and in my sleepy haze for one brief shining moment I was convinced that it was July and warm and the windows were open and kids were frolicking in the playground down the block at Bell School.

But no. The dreaded Polar Vortex had returned. Chicago continued to be "Chiberia" during this brutal winter of our deep discontent.

February reality across the street from the ballpark.

February reality at Waveland and Sheffield.

May March march on quickly and bring summer and baseball back to the North Side (and the South Side) as quickly as a Wrigley Field vendor can pour a brew into a plastic beer cup.

Today at 2:00pm (CST) Pat Hughes will exclaim "Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air!" for the first time this year. He'll welcome Ron Coomer, the new radio analyst, to the broadcast team.

I watch the clock anxiously and count down the minutes ...
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