Cubs losing young fans

This is Daughter of Son of Admin (aka Granddaughter of Admin). She is pictured here at the Chicago Children's Museum where she went with her daddy for a special outing.

The cute little nice happy girl (Granddaughter of Admin). Photo by Son of Admin.

The cute little nice happy girl (Granddaughter of Admin). Photo by Son of Admin.



She looks happy! She is happy! While on Navy Pier they stopped at the Build-A-Bear Workshop where the tiny cute happy nice girl created a stuffed dog she named Ruff. She even got to place the dog's heart inside the dog (through his butt, she would tell her grandparents, which she thought was hilarious).

They brought the dog home and showed him to Mommy, who loved the new favorite doll, too! Everyone in the family was having a great time with Ruff.

Son of Admin thought it a good idea to make Ruff a Cub fan, so he put this little shirt on the unsuspecting new member of the family.

Ruff's Cub shirt. Photo by Son of Admin.

Ruff's Cub shirt. Photo by Son of Admin.

His daughter took one look at her brand new stuffed animal with a Cub shirt on and said, pointing to the cubby bear strolling through the Cubs C,  "YUCKY! NO DADDY!" At which point the shirt was removed. The little nice cute girl regained her former joyous mood.

Not happy little cute girl outside Wrigley Field after being denied entrance.

Not happy little cute girl outside Wrigley Field after being denied entrance last summer.

As has been well documented on this blog, the tiny little cute girl has been to Wrigley Field several times. Her last attempt to watch the Cubs in action (if you can call it that) was last summer and didn't turn out too well. Here she is after not being able to get in because the Cubs refused to sell Standing Room even though the game was a virtual sell-out. She doesn't look too happy.

Instead of making it easy for us, and hundreds of others, to get in, the Cubs tried to force us to purchase $70 seats. For the five of us we would have had to spend something like $350, before taxes, hot dogs etc.

Am I suggesting that just because her last Wrigley Field experience was negative, this 22-month old held it against the Cubs and now won't let her stuffed dog wear a Cub shirt?


The Cubs introduced stuffed mascot Clark the Cub to enhance the ballpark experience of fans like Granddaughter of Admin. Perhaps they haven't noticed that not so many of those future season ticket holders can get into the ballpark unless their parents win the lottery or take out a second mortgage or deny themselves food for a couple of weeks. Haven't seen nearly as many kids at Wrigley Field these last few seasons.

So maybe they ain't future season ticket holders after all.



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  • I remember when the large number of kids at a Cubs game would chant "We want a hit!".
    Haven't heard that for many a year.

  • In reply to Jim Hickman:

    I remember that, too! Sad. Thanks, Jim.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jim Hickman:

    Maybe they don't believe in miracles. ;-)

  • She is pretty cute and smart. I think she remebers that day of rejection. Especially since it was about 100 degrees and she got really overheated and miserable waiting outside. I'd like to think I can raise her a Cub fan, but it seems as though she has already formed her own opinion. It seems to be the right one. Smarter then us? Yes!

  • Its hard to get people attracted to a team who's ownership keeps telling them to go fuck yourselves every Spring.

    Those young fans will either grow up hating baseball or become Red Sox Fans.

  • Cute little girl but the story is way off base. The Cubs are a for profit entity and can charge whatever they want for admittance. Nobody has the right to attend a game for whatever price they think is fair. Also what kind of dumbass takes a small child to Wrigley Field on a 100 degree day without a ticket? Maybe the little imp should be pissed at the idiot adult who dragged her all the way there on a hot summer day without a ticket instead of the Cubs organization. But yeah it's the Cubs' fault not the adult's. The Cubs didn't sell standing room only tickets to their fans on purpose just to piss them off.

    As far as how they treat the fans, if the Cubs start winning then they can pretty much do whatever they want. For now since they are losing and trying to work through a bunch of bad business deals from Zell and Kenney they are getting barbecued in the court of public opinion and questionable pieces like this will have some traction.

    The author of this piece, the little girl, and their entire family can go become White Sox fans for all I care. Don't like the Cubs anymore because that cute little girl was disappointed at the gate? It sucks but at least be willing to accept YOUR part in this too. If not hey it's a free country so GO BE A SOX FAN.

  • "Instead of making it easy for us, and hundreds of others, to get in, the Cubs tried to force us to purchase $70 seats. For the five of us we would have had to spend something like $350, before taxes, hot dogs etc."

    TRANSLATION: Instead of selling me a last minute tickets for a cheap price on my own selfish terms, the Cubs had the nerve to offer to sell the ones that were available to us at fair market value. I was too cheap to pay those kind of prices, so I decided instead to leave and blame the team for it. I then opted to bitch about it on my blog and used the image of a cute little girl to gain sympathy for my highly slanted point of view.

    By the way, for a family of 4 including tickets, 2 beers, 4 sodas, 4 hot dogs, 2 caps, 2 programs and parking the average price for attending a Cubs game in 2013 was a hair under $300, about $45 a person. Where you came up with the $70 a ticket price I don't know but the prices do fluctuate. Check my stats here:

    Next time you're going to go to the ball game with a little toddler maybe you should plan it out in advance instead of winging it and bitching on your blog when you don't get your way? You come off like you have this sense of entitlement just because you live within walking distance of Wrigley and frankly it's that kind of arrogance that ruins it for the rest of us non-fair weather fans. And using the image of that cute little girl to get your highly misguided and slanted point of view across is downright disgusting.

  • What an infantile column - a waste of cyberspace.. Since it was based on sharing the opinions of a 22-month old, why didn't the author get her opinion about what should be done to improve the pitching staff, or outfielder's ability to hit the cutoff man?

  • Thanks for your comments everyone!

  • Wow. Reading the comments, I'd hate to see what you people would say about the story of the toddler that said "no" to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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