Wrigley Field - Favorite Views of the Ballpark

Wrigley Field Centennial Celebration, Part II. Glimpses of the ballpark.

Are you sick of reading about Wrigley rooftops, renovations, Ricketts, and relocating to Rosemont? (How's that for an alliteration?) Me, too! So let's return to celebrating the ballpark during it's centennial year. A couple of weeks ago we began this series with 10 best places to watch a Cub game live. Part II will take a look at favorite views of the ballpark.

Whenever we head to Wrigley Field, one of the day's most exciting moments is when we first catch a glimpse of the ballpark. Could be from down the street or from some mode of transportation. We've approached the old ball yard from just about every direction possible over the years. This little gallery will review some of those favorite "glimpses" as it reminds us all that Wrigley Field is part of a Chicago neighborhood where people live and work and play, day in and day out, ballgame or no ballgame.



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  • Love the different perspectives! Awesome way to capture the Park and the neighborhood...

  • In reply to hoosierese:

    Thanks! It was a fun project!

  • Since you are just doing the exterior, you don't have the one broadcast from Conan O'Brien's and Jeff Garlin's old apartment.

  • In reply to jack:

    Right. And I would have included the view from my son's former apartment house on Waveland Avenue! Maybe in a future post...

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