Wrigley Field -- 10 Best Seats

Wrigley Field Centennial Celebration, Part I.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Wrigley Field, as has been much written about in the press and online. The Cubs have lots of fun things planned to commemorate the ballpark's centennial season. Cubs Convention starts tomorrow, January 17, and the team has promised to announce yet more festive activities during the various weekend events.

Your trusty blogger has been going to Wrigley Field for over half of its existence (first game -- 1958). So I thought now would be a good time to begin a season-long Waiting4Cubs Wrigley Field celebration!  We'll explore the ballpark inside and out, recall memorable games, meet the people of Wrigley Field, explore the neighborhood, avoid the food (!), and keep our eyes open for things that will help us define what our favorite single place on the planet is all about.

(Note: the actual anniversary of the first game is April 23. This is also Wife of Admin and my wedding anniversary! This is crazy because my birthday, October 14, is also the date the Cubs last won a World Series in 1908, lost a World Series to the Sox in 1906, lost another to the Athletics in 1929, and blew a lead in a certain 2003 playoff game after a guy named Bartman reached for a foul ball. Too many Cub coincidences!)

Let's start with watching a ballgame at Wrigley Field. The term "10 Best Seats" isn't exactly accurate. A couple of the locations listed aren't seats at all! And maybe these are more Admin's favorite seats than "best seats." But, hey! Let's have some fun with it!

In fact, let's begin our tour outside of the ballpark ...

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  • Living in San Diego for the past 22 years, I've not been in the park for that long. My favorite seats were with the bookies in center field below where Mr. Veeck always sat.
    My niece 's Boss, Leo Mellamed had a box just north of the Home dugout .She sometimes let my girlfriend and I two of them in the second row, right behind the photographers' pit.

  • In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    Those center field seats would have been on the list if the gamblers and bookies were still there. Alas, they sat in the bleachers because of the cheap ticket prices, which are a thing of the past. No gamblers anymore, that I've seen. My sister saw "Bleacher Bums" on TV back then (1970s, I believe) and didn't believe those characters were real. So I took her to a game and we sat there. She was amazed! We almost got pulled into the action, but resisted. Your seats behind the photographers sound really nice. I once sat in similar seats at old Yankee Stadium and watched Scott Sanderson pitch for the Yankees! Very nice indeed!

  • The best seat in Wrigley is the one in your car as you're driving home...

  • In reply to mikejaz2:

    Or on the 152 bus! Always entertaining!

  • Wrigley Field was home of Chicago Whales' Federal League team in '14 and '15. It became Cubs' home in '16. Originally, it was quite modest, but the steel-and-concrete structure was suited to expansion.
    I kind of doubt the 100th year Wrigley anniversary will get ample amount of love because so many Cubs' fans have become either hostile or apathetic in third year of rebuild. While I'm a supporter of this rebuild, I understand why these people aren't in a mood to celebrate much of anything about the Cubs. Still get hit with super-high ticket prices, while asked to keep being patient.

  • In reply to michaelc:

    The Chicago fan base has definitely eroded. I hear from disgusted Cub fans all the time. "Too expensive." "Sick of them losing." Or both. The net? "I don't go anymore." I meet more out-of-towners at the ballpark than locals, by a lot. The Centennial of the ballpark may give attendance a slight boost from those tourist fans who have Wrigley Field on their list, or bucket list, of must-see destinations, augmented by the attraction of visiting during the centennial year.

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    I have been to Wrigley for just five games in my lifetime, and I've never sat directly behind a pole, but I have honestly never cared where I've sat. Always love it.

  • In reply to Kurt Smith:

    In my experience, the poles actually kind of quickly "disappear." You don't mind them.

  • fb_avatar

    lucky me! i have had the pleasure of sitting in 3 of the author's favorite locations, thanks to my friends at Apolis Transport! the "most foul ball" seats the first year, "1st row upper deck behind the Cub dugout" seats the second year, and as an added treat darn close to the owners circle for a game. me and my kid felt like we were on the field.....i love wrigley field and have been a fan for years!

  • In reply to cheesecake chick:

    Very cool! Did you get a foul ball when you sat in the foul ball seats??

  • The best seat at Wrigley is at Aisle 4, Row 8, Seat 113.


  • In reply to billslater:

    If that's the Bartman seat, and based on the link it is, I hear that it has been removed because of fan abuse.

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