Chicago streets named after Cubs -- Part III

We continue with our survey of streets and things Chicago named after Cubs. This began because I once suggested that Berteau Avenue be renamed Ron Santo Avenue, and was shouted down. Part I appeared in October and Part II in early November. Let's begin with a couple of streets not named for Cubs but for important names in Cub history who contributed to the legacy in other ways.


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  • I like pic 9 of 11

  • Best shot of the bunch, by far.

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    You are aware that there is a Banks St., right? It also runs east of State Pkwy, so the sign says "E Banks". It's about 1350 North.

    Also, Steve Lake (1983-85) not only has a street named after him, but the bus route number on Lake St is the same as his uniform number--16.

  • In reply to Dick Vane:

    Hi! Sorry for my delayed response -- New Year's and all that.

    I included Banks St. in Part I. My shot is of the sign at LSD and I didn't even note that it says E Banks! Rats! Makes it all the better. And I used Junior Lake for Lake Street. The Steve Lake idea with the uniform number would have been great!


  • If not playing a harp on Maxwell, then definitely playing with Harp on Maxwell!

  • Since you are dealing with fiction, you missed the obvious Mark Grace St., just outside the ballpark.

  • In reply to jack:

    Clicking back, I guess it was in Part 1. Now find Sosa St.

  • In reply to jack:

    Ha! Even if I found a Sosa Street I might now use it.

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