Wrigley Field Centennial banners are up

The Wrigley Field Centennial logo was unveiled a month or two ago. Since then we have been waiting to see how the Cubs' front office would use it to decorate the outside of the ballpark. It has already appeared on the Cubs Store across the street, and on just about every kind of Cubs souvenir and clothing product imaginable.

Last Sunday I drove past the front gate and saw this:

Wrigley Field Centennial banners

The banners are in the same style as last year's player banners with the Cubs' signature "stitched" type font on Cub blue. These aren't nearly as bad as the player banners, and there are only 4 of them instead of the usual 12. Whoever hung these didn't exactly attach them perfectly balanced.  The bottom banner on the right hangs several feet lower than its twin on the left. Also, they look a little dull in terms of the colors. They don't "pop." Maybe that was a function of today's very gray weather.

But I'm being a bit nit-picky. If they preempt another several months of player banners, many of us will be happy. This is how last year's player banners looked:

I've already gone on and on about what a bad idea the banners are, and how they look like a collision of my refrigerator with a bad Pinterest page, so this time I'll just show them and leave it at that.

As I noted last year, a collision of a bad Pinterest page (redundant) and my refrigerator.

One concern. At the bottom of the centennial banners there's a line that reads: TICKETS ON SALE MARCH 7TH.

I hope that doesn't mean that these banners are just another example of the Cubs exploiting every possible marketing opportunity and are meant to be more billboard than celebration of the ballpark -- and that after March 7th they'll come down and be replaced by, horror of horrors, new player banners!

Please, Cubs, try to show some respect for the integrity of the ballpark during its centennial year.

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